Your publication

Information about the publication of dissertations, articles, books and other forms of publication.

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Your dissertation

Publish digitally on miami, the university's publication server, potentially in the University of Münster's publication series.

Article in a journal
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Your article

Publish your article in an open access journal or digitally on miami, the university's publication server.

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Your book

Publish monographs, anthologies, commemorative publications, etc. digitally on miami, potentially in our publication series.

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Your journal

Use the Open Journal Systems' (OJS) editing and publishing software, operated by the University and State Library of Münster.

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Legal advice

Legal aspects of publishing include e.g. author rights, miami's terms of use, Creative Commons licenses, or title protection.

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Creation of files

The University and State Library of Münster accepts files in the PDF/A format and other common formats for multimedia files which are suitable for long-term preservation.