Information about the publication of dissertations, articles, books and other forms of publication.

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Your Dissertation

Publish digitally on miami, the University's publication server, or digitally & in print form in the University of Münster's publication series.

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Your Article

Publish in an Open-Access-Journal or digitally on miami, the University's publication server.

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Your Book

Publish monographs, anthologies, commemorative publications, etc. digitally on miami or digitally & printed in the University of Münster's publication series.

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Your Journal

Use the Open Journal Systems' (OJS) editing and publishing software, operated by the University and State Library of Münster.

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Legal Advice

Legal aspects of publishing include e.g. author rights, miami's terms of use, Creative Commons licenses, or title protection.
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Floppy Disk
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Creation of Files

The University and State Library of Münster accepts files in the PDF/A format and other common formats for multimedia files which are suitable for long-term preservation.
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Affiliation Guidelines

All authors of the University of Münster are required to indicate their institutional affiliation in a uniform manner. The most important goal here is to increase the visibility of the University and its researchers and thereby improve their international reputation.
affiliation guidelines of University of Münster

Rules of Good Scientific Practice

On the basis of a Senate resolution, the University of Münster has adopted a code of honor, the Rules of Good Scientific Practice. This code of honor commits the scientists of the university to the principles of scientific honesty and fairness as well as to the principles of publication behavior appropriate to science.