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Your research data

In research processes, extensive amounts of data are generated and processed, usually with considerable effort. Research data can take many forms, such as surveys, measurement results, video and audio recordings, transcriptions, computer models and more.
According to the code of ethics "Rules of Good Scientific Practice" and the Research Data Management Policy of the University of Münster, you as a scientist should – if possible – make these research data available for others to use; i.e. research data should be appropriately indexed and made accessible for re-use.

ULB offer

The open access repository datastore provides you, as a member of the university of Münster, with a free service that enables you to publish your research data and make them permanently citable, which is an important requirement for fulfilling the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). After publication, the research data can be found in a wide variety of search engines, e. g. in miami, DataCite or BASE.

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