CoCo: Coping with Corona

“How do different people cope with the changes and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic?”

“Why do people differ in their well-being during the pandemic and the subsequent return to normality?”

We are tackling questions like these in our joint research project “Coping with Corona” (CoCo), which is financed by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). In the CoCo project, we strive to generate insights into the dynamic interplay of personality, social interaction processes, and various aspects of well-being (e.g., life satisfaction, happiness, loneliness) during the COVID-19 pandemic. For us, understanding these psychological and social mechanisms operating in our daily lives is key to coping with this and future crises.

To develop such an understanding, we collaborate with researchers of the University of Osnabrueck, the LMU Munich, and with over 50 renowned international project partners from various disciplines (e.g., in the USA, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Russia, Italy, UK etc.). Together, we conduct longitudinal, national and international studies and apply cutting-edge research methods like experience sampling and smartphone sensing to get reliable insights that are as close as possible to our everyday lives.

You can find a detailed overview of our currently ongoing and planned studies on the CoCo website