Our team actively support efforts towards a more transparent and reliable psychological science. Wherever possible, we aim to pre-register our studies on the Open Science Framework and to provide Open material, Open data, and Reproducible Code. We have signed the Commitment to Research Transparency and Open Science and a number of our projects and publications are documented at the Open Science Framework.

Check out the OSF pages of our team members:

Open Science FrameworkMitja Back
Open Science FrameworkSimon Breil
Open Science FrameworkKatharina Geukes
Open Science FrameworkMichael Grosz
Open Science FrameworkEric Grunenberg
Open Science FrameworkSarah Humberg
Open Science FrameworkLara Kroencke
Open Science FrameworkSimon Mota
Open Science FrameworkRichard Rau
Open Science FrameworkJulian Scharbert

In addition we established an Open Science Initiative in our Department that is associated with the Network for Open Science Initiatives in Germany (NOSI) and published on the topic of Open Science:

Back, M. D. (2018). Editorial: Continued Quality, Openness, and Curiosity at the European Journal of Personality. European Journal of Personality, 32, 3-5. pdf
Back, M. D. (2019). Editorial: Increasing scientific quality in the expanding field of personality science. European Journal of Personality, 33, 3-6. pdf
Back, M. D. (2020). Editorial: A brief wish list for personality research. European Journal of Personality, 34, 3–7. pdf
Geukes, K., Schönbrodt, F. D., Utesch, T. , Geukes, S., & Back, M. D. (2016). Wege aus der Vertrauenskrise – Individuelle Schritte hin zu verlässlicher und offener Forschung [Ways out of the crisis of confidence – Individual steps towards reliable and open science]. Zeitschrift für Sportpsychologie, 23, 99-109. pdf