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Prof. Dr. Gernot Münster

[Gernot Münster]

University of Münster
D-48149 Münster


[lattice] My research group belonged to the Research Focus "Elementary Particle Physics" of the Department of Physics.
Fields of interest of my group have been: Quantum Field Theory and the Theory of Elementary Particles.
A somewhat more detailed description can be found hier.

A focal point is quantum field theory on a lattice.

There is a textbook available on this:
I. Montvay, G. Münster: Quantum Fields on a Lattice.

Some projects:

New: Fun Facts for Number Lovers

A talk: What is Time? - Thoughts of a Physicist.    Contribution to the “Symposium on Time” of the EPF, Brussels, April 2022.

[Von der Quantenfeldtheorie zum Standardmodell] A textbook:

G. Münster: Von der Quantenfeldtheorie zum Standardmodell - Eine Einführung in die Teilchenphysik, de Gruyter, 2019

A textbook for physics students:

G. Münster: Quantentheorie, de Gruyter, 2020
3rd revised and extended edition

An anthology on the philosophy of mind, also for beginners:

J. G. Michel, G. Münster (Hrsg.): Die Suche nach dem Geist, mentis, Münster, 2013

Pauli number: 4


My offer of public lectures for pupils and adults.


Publications from my group

Curriculum Vitae

Bachelors theses, Masters theses, Diploma theses, teachers theses, PhD theses, and Habilitation theses from my group


[Feynman diagram] Textbooks: Lecture Notes (mostly in german):

The Golden Path to a perfect seminar talk (in german)


Lecturing is a process, where the notes of the teacher become the notes of the student without passing through the mind of either.
Mortimer J. Adler

Teaching award 2013 of the student representatives of the department of physics ( Press release)

[Friedrich Bach, Gernot Münster und Markus Tegeder (von links)]
Friedrich Bach, Gernot Münster and Markus Tegeder (from left)

If you are bored, you can see a movie here.

Or you have a look at some Popular Fallacies in Physics (in german), so that on the next physicists party you can shine.

Here are two surf tips:
the homepage of Gerard 't Hooft
and Britney Spear's Guide to Semiconductor Physics.

A poem.
And another poem.

How I became a pastor:     [Pfarrer Gernot Münster] (click on it).      In addition a look into the library of theology.

By the way, I am collecting autographs of physicists. For example, I have books with dedications of Heisenberg, Jordan and others. The nicest piece in my collection is this postcard (click on it)
[Nobel postcard]
with the signatures of E.P. Wigner, P.A.M. Dirac  and  J. Schwinger.

Here I am next to Michael Creutz on LATTICE2001 in Berlin:
[M. Creutz, G. Münster]

Some more pictures are in my physicists foto album.

This picture shows me with a colleague from math:
[C.F. Gauss, G. Münster]
At the tomb of Leonhard Euler in St. Petersburg:
[C.F. Gauss, G. Münster]

Some journals that might be of interest to a field theorist.

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