Funded projects

  • Transregio TRR61 Münster-Beijing: Pattern Formation in Dynamic Self-Assembly System (with L. Chi und Z. Wang, 2012–2017)
  • Transregio TRR61 Münster-Beijing: Theory of Structure Formation on Prepatterned Surfaces (with A. Heuer, 2012–2017)
  • Controlling patterned deposition from moving contact lines by MHz surface acoustic waves as a way to bottom-up printing on small scales (GIF Grant no. I-1361-401.10/2016; with Technion Haifa, 2017–2019)
  • Pattern formation in dynamic self-assembly systems (PAK943, GZ: GU 1455/1-1)
  • Steuerverfahren der elektrischen Eigenschaften der Nanokompositen durch die Änderung der Mikrostruktur des Diblockcopolymersystems (GZ.: CH 845/2-1)