Research at the group of Prof. Dr. A. Khoukaz

The group of Prof. Dr. A. Khoukaz investigates the production of mesons in nucleon-nucleon, nucleon-nucleus and electron-positron collisions. Currently for this purpose measurements are analysed from the experiments ANKE and WASA-at-COSY at the COSY accelerator facility of the Research Centre Jülich. The storage ring COSY provides high-precision proton and deuteron beams with momenta up to 3.7 GeV/c for particle experiments. Because of the versatility of the experimental setups of ANKE and WASA-at-COSY a hugh number of important meson physics experiments can be carried out here. Main focus of our research is:

  • Investigaton of the interaction between mesons and nuclear matter
  • Search for bound meson-nuclear states
  • Production mechanisms for the production of mesons and meson pairs
  • Verification of conservation laws in particle physics
  • High-precision determination of the eta-meson mass

Another research focus is the investigation of the charmonium spectrum as well as potential exotic states, such as Y(4260). For this purpose measurements are performed at the experiment BESIII, which is installed at the electron-positron collider BEPC-II of the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing. Electrons and positrons are accelerated in two separate beam pipes up to centre-of-mass energies of 2.0 – 4.9 GeV and collide in the centre of the BESIII detection setup.

In addition our group is involved in the PANDA experiment, which will be installed in future at the antiproton storage ring HESR at the FAIR accelerator center in Darmstadt. At PANDA experiments on e.g. charm-mesons and exotic particles will be realized.

For the experimental program discussed above, for the experiments at COSY as well as at the HESR ring high-precision internal targets are needed. Therefore, our group has developed cluster-jet-targets, which are routinely used at the COSY-11 (experimental program finished in 2007) and at the ANKE experiment. In contrast to ANKE and COSY-11 the WASA experiment used a pellet target, the only target of this type working at an accelerator facility. Here our group was responsible for the operation of this target at COSY.

Also for the experiments at PANDA it is planned to use a cluster-jet target, which is built and currently set into operation by our group. Furthermore a prototype of this target is in operation at our institute and used for systematic studies on the cluster production. The main focus of our target activities include the following aspects:

  • Development of high density cluster-jet targets
  • Systematic investigation of the production process of cluster beams
  • Determination of the velocity and mass distributoin in cluster beams
  • Operation of the cluster and pellet targets at COSY and in future at HESR