In QISPOS all study and examination achievements are registered. Registration is only possible within the registration phase, which can also be found on the QISPOS website. After that, no registrations are possible anymore and thus no participation in the corresponding exams is allowed. Typically, deregistrations from the courses are available for a longer time than registrations. The exact period is also stated on the QISPOS website.
In addition, own achieved grades can be viewed in QISPOS.


Examinations office

On the page of the examinations office you can find the contact details of the person who can help you with problems concerning registration and deregistration from courses or exams as well as other topics of the examination administration. In addition, important forms can be found there (e.g. registration for oral examinations or final theses, crediting of required course works).
Note: The website of the examinations office is only available in German.


Course catalog

All courses of the university are listed in the course catalog. You find the answer to many questions, including: in which semester does a course take place? When (day of the week, time) and where does it take place? Who is responsible for the course (module representative)? And many more information is available.



Learnweb is a platform for online support of courses, where material (lecture notes and slides, exercises, videos and much more) can be made available by the lecturers. To register for courses, an enrollment key is often required, which is provided by the lecturer at one of the first classes.


Semester dates and holidays

Here, you find all imporatant dates, for the semester beginning and end, in which time lectures take place as well as holidays during term time.