Hauke  Hawighorst
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Hauke Hawighorst
Duties: evaluation, BaMa day, Master introduction event, office hours
Member: Since WS 2016/2017
Study program: Physics (B. Sc.)
Committees of the Constituted Student Body of Münster University
Physics Student Representation (FSV Physik) Winter semester 2020/2021–​today
Physics Student Council (FSR Physik) Winter semester 2016/2017–​today
Committees of the Department of Physics of Münster University
Advisory Committee for Studies Winter semester 2019/2020–
summer semester 2020
Deputy member
Winter semester 2020/2021–​today Full member
Committee for Research and Young Academics (KFWN) Winter semester 2019/2020–
summer semester 2020
Exam Committee (B. Sc./M. Sc. Physics & Geophysics) Winter semester 2019/2020–​today Full member