The active members of the Physics Student Council

Here, the active members of the Student Council present themselves (sorted alphabetically). Via the links, you can view further information (e. g. about the membership in committees). Using the links for the email addresses, you can use a form to contact individual members. The list of former members since the summer semester 2012 and up to the winter semester 2011/2012 can also be found here.

Janice  Bode
© Janice Bode
Janice Bode
Duties: Chairman FSV, homepage administration, jDPG, public relations, Office hours
Member: Since WS 2017/2018
Study program: Physics (M. Sc.)
Lambert  Thüner
© Lambert Thüner
Lambert Thüner
Duties: evaluation, students council conference, Teaching Prize committee, office hours
Member: Since WS 2020/2021
Study program: Physics (B. Sc.)
Alexander  Tiekötter
© Fachschaft Physik
Alexander Tiekötter
Duties: Finances (stellv.), Ersti-Weekend, Ersti-Φbel, Teaching Prize committee, IT, Homepage, Master introduction event, Exams & transcripts
Member: Since SS 2022
Study program: Physics (B. Sc.)
Moritz  Wehmeier
© Moritz Wehmeier
Moritz Wehmeier
Duties: Ersti-Φbel, college day and pupils, redaction Toilet paper, Office hours
Member: Since SS 2020
Study program: Physics & Chemistry (2FB)