Junior researchers

Doctoral study

Students in the Faculty of Philology can earn a doctorate either by completing an individual doctoral project or participating in a structured PhD programme.

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Individual doctoral projects

If you wish to earn your PhD by completing an individual doctoral project, you must first apply to have a professor in the faculty act as your doctoral supervisor. You may submit your request to the professor of your choice.

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Structured PhD programme

Junior researchers can earn their PhD within three years by participating in a structured doctoral programme, e.g. the Graduate Schools "Empirical and Applied Linguistics", "Practices of Literature" and the "Münster School of Ancient Cultures"


In the German higher education system, a habilitation is a post-doctoral qualification which officially certifies one’s ability to independently and responsibly conduct research and provide instruction in an academic/scientific subject (teaching qualification). By earning a habilitation, the post-doctoral candidate receives permission to teach the subject in question (venia legendi), and the right to bear the title “Privatdozent/-in”, comparable to an “assistant professor” in Anglo-Saxon countries.

For more information, see the Habilitation Regulations of the Faculty of Philology [de; pdf] as well as the Handout on the Organisation of Habilitation Lectures at the Faculty of Philology [de; pdf].