PeterraabeM.Sc. Lök Peter Raabe

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Group
Institute of Landscape Ecology
Heisenbergstr. 2, 48149 Münster
room 449
phone +49(0)251-83 33 916
fax +49(0)251-83 38 338
E-Mail p.raabe [at]


Establishment of hummock peat mosses in rewetted cutover bogs project homepage

  • research interests

    • bog restoration
    • testate amoebae
  • Publications

    Conference Presentations

    • Raabe P, Hölzel N, Kleinebecker T (2013) Wasserregime und Nährstoffe wiedervernässter Hochmoorflächen in Nordwest-Deutschland - Welche Eigenschaften begünstigen den Renaturierungserfolg? Poster. DGMT Jahrestagung, Freising Poster [pdf 0,6 MB]
    • Raabe, P, Kleinebecker T, Lamentowicz M (2012) Testate amoebae reflect present environmental conditions in restored cut-over bogs - A new tool for evaluation and monitoring? Poster. 14th International Peat Congress Poster [pdf 8,7 MB] - awarded "Meritas Stephen C. Zoltai Student Award" of the Canadian Society for Peat and Peatlands and the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Producers Association for outstanding contribution of students to the scientific conference programme

    Master Thesis

    • Raabe P (2013) Schalenamöben als Indikatoren für Wasserregime und Trophie in wiedervernässten Hochmooren NW-Deutschlands