Submit description file

At this point only the most important entries of a job description file shall be explained briefly. For a quick introduction to using the Morfeus grid, first have a look at the introductory example. Further information can then be found in the short manual. A comprehensive official guide to HTCondor, which does not deal with the special features of the Morfeus grid, can be found here.

By the way, there is also a button in the graphical user interface (MorfeusConsole) with which you can generate a job description file for the command line:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-30 Um 21.14.png

In this way, you can always see how the respective settings would be made "manually".

The job description file, which you can create with any editor, contains all important information for HTCondor. First, the following three lines are mandatory:

Entry Comment
executable=job.exe "executable" tells HTCondor which file is the file to execute.
universe = vanilla "universe = vanilla" is mandatory in Morfeus-Grid, because other universes are not supported. For further information please refer to the official manual.
queue "queue" is the command to start the job. It is always at the end of the job description file. Each entry after queue is ignored.

There are some more useful entries for the job description file. Only the most important ones are listed below.

Entry Comment
log=Logdatei.log Useful information about the program progress is written into this file. The extension .log is arbitrary. If, for example, you have a program that requests a prompt by keyboard, you have to save this input in the input file beforehand. The ending .in is arbitrary.
output=Ausgabe.out This file stores all the output that would normally appear on the screen. The ending .out is arbitrary.
error=Fehlermeldungen.err All error messages of the program are stored in this file. The ending .err is arbitrary.
transfer_input_files=Datei1,Datei2 If the program needs additional files besides the Execute file, these must be listed here.
requirements= At this point the required resources can be defined. If nothing is specified, the computer from which the job is sent is used as a reference.
I need the Windows operating system and a x86 or x64 processor. My job description file must contain then:
    requirements=( (OpSys=="WINDOWS") && ((ARCH == "INTEL") || (ARCH == "X86_64") )


Supported operating systems are:

 Linux  "LINUX"
 Windows  "WINDOWS"


The following processor architectures are available in Morfeus-Grid: 

x86  "INTEL"
x64  "X86_64"

 The possible logical expressions are:

OR ||
AND &&
Comparative Equal ==