MMGS Events

In addition to an excellent mathematical education, another focus of the MMGS is on personal development. To this end, a continuously growing range of events is offered to MMGS students. Networking among each other at the annual retreat or with other cluster members in MM Connect, as well as broadening horizons beyond mathematics in the event 'Mathematics meets Business' as a cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) are just a few examples that set this focus..
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MMGS Retreat

The MMGS Retreat is an annual event for MMGS students. Outside the university premises, they have the opportunity to broaden their professional and mathematical horizons and build lasting professional relationships.

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MMGS PhD Seminar

The MMGS PhD Seminar takes place annually during the lecture-free period in the winter semester. The goal is to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to present their research area in a pleasant atmosphere. It helps bridging the gaps between the mathematical fields at the level of doctoral students and allows the audience to expand their mathematical horizon beyond their own research area.

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Welcome Event

The MMGS Welcome Event is the first event in a academic year and gives new and old doctoral students a chance to strengthen personal connections, horizontally across the disciplines. Here, the new doctoral students have a chance to get to know the professors of the mathematical institutes and get a chance to choose a mentor.

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MMGS Poster Session

At the MMGS Poster Session, wo offer our doctoral researchers an informal place to present and discuss their research with their peers and the other members of the Cluster. It poses a great opportunity especially for doctoral researchers at the beginning of their PhD, to get accustomed to presenting a poster and lower the barrier of presenting one at their first conference.

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MM Connect

The event series "MM Connect" offers young scientists of the MMGS the opportunity to exchange ideas regularly, with each other and the Postdocs of the Cluster of excellence. Doctoral researchers can present themselves and their research project (MM Arrival), say goodbye when the next career step is due (MM Departure) and exchange basic ideas and concepts (MM Common Ground).


MaIn Perspectives

At MaIn Perspectives, three companies present themselves each evening. The premise for their presentations is that they must be given by a graduate in mathematics or computer science and highlight the specific problems mathematicians or computer scientists can expect to face in the respective company. This event is intended to assist you in your future planning and provide the opportunity to explore the next steps after completing your doctorate early on.

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Fireside Chat

In the fireside chats, individuals who have earned a doctorate in mathematics and subsequently pursued an exciting career outside of the university are given a voice. The aim of these discussions is to open up perspectives and look beyond the horizon of academic research in mathematics.

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Mathematics meets Business

Members of the MMGS and other institutes at the University of Münster meet executives from leading technology companies in the Münsterland region at "Mathematics meets Business." The event is a building block for long-term knowledge transfer, from which companies in the Münsterland region and the Mathematics Münster excellence cluster are expected to benefit equally.