MMGS Retreat

The MMGS Retreat is an annual event for the MMGS doctoral students to expand their personal, professional and mathematical horizon.

  • MMGS Retreat 2021

    The retreat takes place from 27.-30. September in the environmental youth hostel Brilon.
    The program includes the exchange of individual research projects, workshops, social events and lots of fun!
    The final version of the program will be released shortly.

    If you have any questions, please contact the organizing team: Dennis, Johannes, Martina and Sahana

  • MMGS Retreat 2020

    The Retreat 2020 will take place:


    in the

    Youth hostel Duisburg Sportpark.

    The program will include an exchange of individual PhD research projects and soft skill training.
    The final version of the program will be published soon.
    A social event is also planned. For this, a registration fee of 20 euros will be charged. After registration, this fee must be paid at Gabi Dierkes.


    Please enter "Registration Retreat 2020" for "Your request" and "Your message".

    If you need any special help, please send a mail to Gabi Dierkes.

    Notice: The Retreat 2020 has been postponed to a new date due to corona virus restrictions.
    It will now take place in the Duisburg Sportpark youth hostel from 25.08-27.08.  If you are unable to attend the replacement date, please contact Gabi Dierkes regarding the reimbursement of the registration fee.

    The MMGS Retreat 2020 organizers: Sahana Hassan Balasubramanya, Maike Frantzen, Kevin Poljsak and Dennis Wulle