MMGS Welcome Event

The MMGS Welcome Event is the first event in a academic year and gives new and old doctoral students a chance to strengthen personal connections, horizontally across the disciplines. Here, the new doctoral students have a chance to get to know the professors of the mathematical institutes and get a chance to choose a mentor.

  • MMGS Welcome Event 2020

    The welcome event 2020 took place as an online event via zoom due to the Covod-19 restrictions.

  • Welcome Event 2019

    impressions of the welcome event 2019

    After the official opening, the PhD students had the opportunity to get to know each other and network in an informal setting.
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    • Organisers and moderators of the welcome event for the new graduate school (from right to left): Maike Frantzen, Timo Siebenand, Federico Calderon, MMGS spokesperson Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Winter and André Schemaitat.
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    • MMGS spokesperson Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Winter gave an overview of the graduate school's offerings.
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    • Prof. Dr. Urs Hartl, Diversity representative, introduced the female PhD students who were rewarded within the Ada Lovelace Programme because of their outstanding achievements (from left): Chiara D'Onofrio, Martina Fruttidoro, Maria Beckemeyer. Not in the picture: Juliane Braunsmann, Ina Humpert, Jingjia Liu and Divya Sharma.
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    • Dr. Imke Franzmeier, coordinator of the Early Career Support, gave information about the wide range of organisational and financial support available during the doctoral studies.
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    • The doctoral students were introduced to professors who, in addition to their supervisors, will be available as mentors.
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    Impressions of the Welcome Event 2019