Research at MEET

Embedded in the scientific network of the University of Münster (WWU), various scientific and engineering disciplines cooperate under the umbrella of the MEET Battery Research Center. The aim is to develop a holistic research approach through close interdisciplinary exchange and thus promote innovative ideas and synergies.

MEET benefits from WWU's many years of experience in materials science and material analysis, including Prof. Dr. Martin Winter's professorship "Materials Science, Energy and Electrochemistry" at the Institute of Physical Chemistry. The research network is supplemented by cooperation with external partners from science and industry.

MEET pursues a holistic, systemic research and development on electrochemical energy storage systems and transducers, which, in addition to synthesis and production, characterization and analysis of materials, components and cells, naturally also covers the various aspects of application, including economic efficiency, environmental impact and social impact. There is currently a focus on research into lithium ion batteries; in addition, future battery generations and alternative electrochemical storage devices and converters are under intensive development.

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