Material Characterization

Material characterization forms the basis for reliable, reproducible research. The aim of this competence area at MEET is to gain a comprehensive understanding of battery materials and their properties.

Material characterization by means of scanning electron microscopy
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Outstanding Methodological Expertise

The microstructures of materials play a decisive role in determining their properties. Identifying and verifying them requires a marked level of methodological expertise – especially in the highly sensitive research setting for batteries. Our researchers use a variety of methods in investigating the basic characteristics of materials. They examine properties such as composition, purity, stoichiometry or size distribution, as well as basic physical properties such as density, steam pressure, and wetting and flow behavior. In doing so, our researchers concentrate not only on the large number of commercially available materials, but also on materials they have synthesized themselves. They provide an important basis for the targeted optimization and development of materials in our research institute and beyond. The techniques of material characterization also enable to retroactively gain information on unknown materials used along the lines of reverse engineering.