Carbohydrates and their interactions influencing cells

Prof. Dr. Goycoolea

The projects of the Goycoolea group are geared in two directions. One of the foci is in developing innovative nanomaterials whose surface can recognize and adsorb bacterial metabolites, under the proviso that they do not exert a toxic response (Read more…). The other foci center themselves on understanding how “soft” nanobiomaterials harnessed from biocompatible polymers interact with mammalian tissues. Current platforms for transmucosal delivery of nanomedicines to treat pain, autoimmune and infectious diseases or for vaccination often fail to achieve a high pharmacological bioavailability of the active principle and are still far from replacing the need to use needles therapies. A better understanding of the fundamental aspects that govern the interaction of natural polymers (polysaccharide and proteins) and nanostructured materials derived from these is needed. This knowledge is likely to contribute elucidating the mechanisms of cellular uptake and/or transport of the bioactive molecules to the systemic circulation that currently remain but elusive (Read more…).

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