Arrival to the Institute of Landscape Ecology

Top: Location Map of the WWU Münster; bottom: GEO 1 building

Institute for Landscape Ecology
University of Münster

Heisenbergstr. 2, 48149 Münster, Germany

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In August 2013, we moved to the new Geosciences building "GEO 1" at Heisenbergstraße 2 (Mendelstraße/Corrensstraße).


51.969371°N, 7.595696°E (EPSG:4326)

by phone or e-mail

see staff list

in the building

The Institute of Landscape Ecology has its rooms in the 5th, 4th and 2nd floor (see staff list [en]).
The Secretariat of ILÖK is located on the 4th floor (room 445), the management on the 4th (room 444 and 447).

by bus

From Münster (Westf.) main station "Hauptbahnhof" take the following bus lines to reach the busstop "Mendelstraße" right in front of our building.
line 2 - direction: "Alte Sternwarte"
line 13 - direction: "Technologiepark"
journey planner Stadtwerke Münster

by bike

Comming from downtown or Promenade you can easily reach us by following Wilhelmstraße and Henriette-Son-Straße (former: Apffelstädtstraße).
It is always a good idea to rent a "leeze" which is the mostcommonly used means of transportation in Münster. 

by car

You can reach Münster via the highways A1 and A43.
Use the Münster Nord and follow Steinfurter Straße (B54) into town.
In case your route guidance system does not know Heisenbergstraße: the building is situated at Corrensstraße/Mendelstraße.
Public parking places can be found along Heisenbergstraße (roadside, 45 places) and at Mendelstraße (parking place of Technologiehof, 185 places).

by train

The main station "Hauptbahnhof" of Münster is situated east of the city centre. There are regularly scheduled trains in all directions. Please check the homepage of the Deutsche Bahn for details.
From the train station, take the bus, taxi or bike. Or take a 45minutes walk passing through the beautiful old town.
Please make sure that you are travelling to Münster (Westf.) (which means Münster in Westphalia) and not to Munster (a small village in Lower Saxony)!

by plane

The airport Münster/Osnabrück FMO is situated about 20 km north of Münster. There are regularly scheduled busses (lines R51, S50 und D50) going to Münster main station "Münster (Westf.) Hbf" (how tho travel from FMO to Münster).
The airport Düsseldorf can be reached by train in about 1.5 hour by train from Münster.

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