Faculty research interests

Prof. Dr. Bernd Blöbaum (senior professor)

  • Journalism studies
  • Journalism theory
  • Organization and reception analyses
  • Journalism education
  • Changes in contemporary media communication
  • Science communication

Prof. Dr. Volker Gehrau

  • Empirical methods (scientific observation, selection procedure, experiments)
  • Television studies (the quality of television programs, television generations, television types, and television use)
  • Media use and media effects studies (media reception, agenda setting, media and interpersonal communication)

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Quandt

  • Online communication and interactive media
  • Media innovation research
  • Digital games
  • Online journalism

Jun. Prof. Dr. Jakob Jünger

  • Online communication and platform research
  • Computational Social Science and Digital Humanities
  • Publics, public spheres, and privacy
  • Media economy and media innovations

Prof. Dr. Julia Metag

  • Science Communication
  • political communication
  • media use and reception research
  • Online communication

Prof. Dr. Jutta Röser

  • Media sociology
  • Media reception and ethnography
  • Mediatization of everyday life and society
  • New media in history and in the present
  • Cultural media studies and gender studies
  • Popular media
  • Qualitative methods

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Röttger

  • Campaign communication
  • Issues management
  • CSR communication, public relations research
  • Public relations advising
  • Public relations evaluation
  • Higher education public relations practitioners
  • Internal communication
  • Changes in public relations communication and new media

Prof. Dr. Armin Scholl

  • Journalism studies
  • Theories and methods of communication research
  • Alternative media

Prof. Dr. Nina Springer

  • Journalism studies
  • Digital communication
  • Political communication

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Helena Stehle

  • Strategic communication
  • Organizational communication
  • Environmental discourses
  • Digital (in-)visibility
  • Digital journalism