By means of the parameters, each institution can determine how its web pages are to be designed within the framework of the common structure. Just like its categories, each institution manages its category parameters independently. A subcategory inherits the category parameters of the parent category, and its own category parameters of the same name overwrite the inherited values. In a main category, category parameters can thus be used to define the default layout.

In most cases, only a few parameters need to be set in the subcategories. If parameter values are changed, all documents in the affected categories must be refreshed/republished.

To create parameters for a category, select the "Categories" item in the main menu under Structure. In the category tree, select the category whose parameters you want to adjust and then edit the "Category metavariables" on the right side.
There you can select a new parameter using the drop-down menu and add it with the corresponding value.

A list of all parametes can be found under the following link: List of rubric parameters (as of 23.02.2023) [de].