Forschungsgruppe "Advanced Quantitative Methods"



  • Fokus

    Modern Social Sciences have seen an ever increasing role of the rigorous application of advanced empirical research methods. As one of the positive effects of the digitalization of science, the access to large quantitative datasets has become more accessible and the costs for collecting one’s own large-n data has substantially decreased over the last twenty years. As a result, there also is an increasing need for PhD students, Postdocs and Professors alike to being and staying fully informed about current advances in quantitative methodologies of data collection and analysis.
    The research group on Advanced Quantitative Methods (RG AQM) in the framework of the University of Münster’s Graduate School of Politics aims to provide this information by connecting scholars working with quantitative methods from every subfield of Political Science. The group meets each semester for one workshop day, at which research group participants present drafts of papers or chapters of their dissertation. The discussion of these papers/chapters then focuses mainly on methodological problems, enabling participants to also present and discuss their work in the more content-oriented research groups (such as the RGs on European and International Governance, on Urban and Regional Innovation and the Internet or on Governmentality). In addition, RG AQM will plan and co-organize local winter/method schools on specific quantitative techniques (such as advances in automated content analysis or experimental designs).
    While the RG AQM will discuss papers being written in German and English, participants should be able to discuss papers in English. Scholars being interested in joining the research group should contact the RG’s organizer, Prof. Dr. Bernd Schlipphak.