The IVV5 - Who, what, where?


 We are responsible for the computer operation at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, the Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science, at least  as the inital contact. Any questions you may have regarding your computer and its operation should be addressed to us first, even if we forward it.


Staff in figures: One academic director, one  research assisstant, both working half of their working time in the IVV. Seven  fulltime-equivalents of technical staff, and seven apprentices (system integrators) and some student assistants.

What for?

The basic idea behind setting up the IVVs was that the IT-center is too far away and its organizational structure is too inflexible to solve the problems in the faculties. On the other hand, the working groups and smaller institutes cannot provide personnel for the  IT administration and cannot take care, that  their equipment can fit into a larger IT concept, in which the synergy effects can be exploited.

Within this gap, the IVVs are located spatially by their settlement at the specialist areas and organizationally as smaller, more flexible units than the IT center (WWU IT).

The focus of the IVV work is therefore clear:
  • Flexible, fast reacting contact for all IT-concerns.
  • Creation of more working hours for the actual academic tasks in the working groups by taking over the IT administration work.
  • Creation and / or processing of an overall computer concept, and updating of the computer equipment of the faculties. This also includes the handling of IT investment programs, investment planning as well as advice and processing during procurement.
  • Total operation of the computer equipment at the departments (in particular faculty servers and computer labs).
The most important concrete services of the IVV5 are described in more detail on our services page.


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How to reach us?

The best way to reach us during our hotline hours from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (Fridays until 4:00 pm) is using an  email to our ticket system. But you can also call us (31311) or meet us personally. The currently open service offices can be found in the menu on the IVV5 homepage, an overview of the opening hours and locations can be found here.