Hotline-Offices Opening Hours

You may contact the IVV5 hotline at any location by phone or email using 

+49 251  83 31311,  ivv5hotline@uni-muenster.de

Office Room Locations:

  • Hotlinebüro Einsteinstraße:  Einsteinstr. 62, Raum 105 (1OG)
  • Hotlinebüro Fliednerstraße:  Raum 21b, Fliednerstr. 21
  • Hotlinebüro Horstmarer Landweg:  Horstmarer Landweg 62b, Verwaltungsgebäude, Raum 9

Please refer to the overview table for the opening hours of the individual offices. Every 14 days there is a staff meeting on Thursdays from 4:00 p.m., then the offices are not manned either. This currently applies to the odd calendar weeks.

You can reach our office at the following times:

Tue 7:00-14:30
Wed 7:00-14:30 (Homeoffice)
Thu 7:00-13:00


Maintenance window:  
For regular maintenance work, e.g. installing standard updates on file servers, we use every other week a  maintenance window: Monday mornings on even calendar weeks.