Media Competence

The FilmLAB and the Servicepunkt Foto are the CIT contact points for media literacy.

  • FilmLAB

    Service: "Learning to Make Films Yourself" is the motto of the FilmLAB (formerly Servicepunkt Film) at CIT. The core task of the FilmLAB is the action-oriented teaching of media competence in all areas of video production. The focus is on action patterns and individual assistance in the creation of university film projects in scientific communication, research and project documentation, and in external presentation matters.

    The medium film is the most complex information mediator in communication because it includes all forms of expression, such as language, moving images, music and literature, and can be integrated into all types of multimedia at the same time. The range of services includes consulting regarding concept and image design, professional video and sound recording as well as post-production and preparation for online platforms. Münster University's video portal and the FilmLAB channel (YouTube) contain a large number of realized projects - from science films and educational films to conference documentation.

    Target Group: students, employees

    Usage Costs: project-dependent

    Contact: FilmLAB

  • Servicepunkt Foto (SP Foto)

    Service: For questions about the medium photo, there is also a contact point with the Servicepunkt Foto (SP Foto). The range of services offered by the SP Foto includes advice and courses on image processing and photography, the lending of high-quality digital cameras and the digitisation of analogue image material.

    Target Group: students, employees

    Usage Costs: free of charge

    Contact: Servicepunkt Foto (SP Foto)