Digital Image Processing and Photography

Content: In the area of digital photography, the function and mode of operation of digital compact and SLR cameras will be explained. The following topics are covered:

  • Use of aperture, exposure time and ISO value
  • Light sensitivity and sensor size
  • Exposure metering modes
  • Selection of the focus measuring fields
  • Depth of field
  • Lightning possibilities and constraints

In the field of digital image editing, participants learn basic techniques of professional image editing and can try them out in various programs (e.g. Photoline, Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop). Among other things, they will be shown how a digital image can be edited with the help of layers in such a way that each individual step can be adjusted afterwards. The following tools will be explained:

  • Working/setting layers
  • Layer linking modes
  • Layer masks
  • Virtual copies
  • Gradation curves
  • Selection tools
  • Filter (e.g. Unsharp Mask)

Target Group: students, employees without previous knowledge

Credit Points: 3 CP within the General Studies in case of successful participation in the course and the final test