Postdoctoral researchers

The WWU Graduate Centre supports and advises postdocs (postdoctorates und habilitants) in all interdisciplinary issues. These include general questions on research affairs at the University of Münster, dealing with conflicts at the workplace, career planning and career options inside and outside the university as well as first information about scholarship and funding programs for postdocs (Contact: Dr. Annah Keige-Huge,

In addition, the WWU Graduate Centre offers qualification measures for a scientific career with workshops and seminars on interdisciplinary competences. The consultations and workshops are open to all postdocs of the WWU, are free of charge and are offered in German and in English.

Through the Research funding support (SAFIR), you get advice on how to file a (first) application for a research project and support in the development of teaching competencies through the Centre for Teaching in Higher Education (ZHL).

Postdoc Network Münster (PNM)

Since early 2020 a growing number of postdocs in cooperation with the Postdoc Programm Coordinator (Graduate Centre) have been working together to establish a network of all postdocs of the university of münster. The aim of the Postdoc Network Münster (PNM) is to provide a platform where all postdoctoral researchers at the WWU can connect, learn from one another and feel supported. Whether you are brand-new in Münster or have lived here for years, the network is open for you.

The PNM is already organizing some activities where all postdocs are invted to participate (the ZOOM postdoc social hour, the writing social time "shut up and write") and are also welcoming other postdocs to join the network and contribute ideas.

The PNM Website:

E-Mail contact:

Twitter account: @postdocnet

Shut up and Write! A weekly writing social time for Postdocs.

Increase your writing productivity while socialising with other peers:
Every thursdays 2 – 4 pm, optional upto 5 pm, via Zoom

A safe space for Postdocs (postdoctorates, habilitants, junior research group leaders, associate professors) to work on their writings.

The postdoc network together with the postdoc programme at the Graduate Centre is organising a weekly writing slot to enable postdocs incease their writing productivity while at the same time socialising with other postdocs and extending their support network.

The idea is, whatever you are writing, whatever form it takes, wherever you are in your process, you won’t be alone. Whether it is a paper, book, blog post, script, essay, dissertation, resume, poetry, melody, science fiction or work stuff, you are welcome to join the group.
Bring your writing project and whatever you need to be able to write. We use Zoom to meet, so make sure you have installed it on your device. Join the meeting from a quiet space where you will not be disturbed by noise, phone calls, colleagues, etc. During the meeting, mute yourself when you’re not speaking. It is recommended that everybody mute themselves when writing.

Meet-up Format:

The organizer leads introductions and then everyone quiets down and writes.

  • After 10 - 15 minutes of initial chit chat, everybody will just – shut up and write.
  • You write for a span of 50 minutes.
  • Take a 10 minutes social break for a chit, chat, coffee etc.
  • Then write again for another 50 minutes.
  • Take another 10 minutes social break before you leave or join those who wish to remain longer and discuss what they have written for anothe 50 Minutes.
  • Then everybody leaves

No one will read or critique what you've written or give you unsolicited advice. If you need help with your writing, you can ask in the group during the social break. You can also talk about your successes and challenges at the end. This brings a social element to a normally isolated task of writing and a safe space for Postdocs to work on their writtings while building writing discipline.

It's always more fun and a lot more productive to write in the company of other writers. Sign up to get the link of the online meeting by sending an email to:

Then You can login and write together with others. You do not have to confirm or cancel attendance. It should not be a hassle but fun, as much fun as writing can be, much more together.

Important: This is a free space to cooperate and share (writting company, holding yourself accountable, finding a writing buddy, etc.), no peer pressure, use it the way you would benefit most from it. Come when you can, leave when you must.

Every Thursday, 2 - 4 pm, optional upto 5 pm, via Zoom!

The PNM social meeting

The next social meeting is  on  the 26.02.2021 at 17 - 18 hrs. All postdocs at the University of Münster are invited to attend and get to know others. Sign up to get the link of the online meeting by sending an email to:

This event takes place every last Friday of the month at 5pm, using the same ZOOM link as the weekly writing event. The next social hour is on the 26th of February.

The Postdoc Network Münster also has formal meetings to discuss formal issues at least once a month. Due to current circumstances the meetings are being held online, via Zoom.



Stipends for Postdocs by the University of Münster

The University of Münster has anchored the promotion of junior researchers in its mission statement, and is therefore awarding stipends through the WWU Graduate Centre to outstanding junior researchers in the postdoctoral phase twice a year. 50% of the funds are to be used to support women.

As a prerequisite for the award, the candidates have to prove that they are preparing an application for third party funding which is to be used to finance their own research project. The stipend provides a financial bridge during the application stage and can be given for a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 months.


Details about the stipends for postdocs by the University of Münster may be found here:


The last application deadline was 29.11.2019. New calls will be announced here.



P.R.I.M.E. - Funding for postdocs through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The University of Münster takes part in DAAD's P.R.I.M.E.-programme. This year, the DAAD again has an open call for the promotion programme "Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (P.R.I.M.E.)".

The programme provides positions for highly qualified junior researchers from all nationalities and disciplines. The funding includes a 12-month stay abroad and a 6-month integration phase at a German university at which the awarded researchers are employed as postdocs during the funding period.

The application form is already available on the DAAD application portal. To find the programme, please use the following selection criteria: "beliebig" for your discipline, "Zielland" for the country that you would like to stay in during the phase abroad, and "Promovierte" as your status.

If you have any questions regarding the application and the formalities, please contact our University's Research funding support (SAFIR).