Lecture given by Dr. Amandine Barb (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) on Wednesday, 9 January 2019, room KTh III (Johannisstr. 8-10)

As part of the series of lectures "Kolloquium zur Geschichte der Neuzeit (19. und 20. Jahrhundert)", Dr. Amandine Barb will hold a conference about

Crafting "Public Religions" in an Age of Competitive Multiculturalism: School Textbooks and Religious Identity Politics in the United States”.

This presentation examines how religious minorities in the United States - Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs - have made the integration of chapters dedicated to their faith into school textbooks a crucial part of their identity strategies in recent years. As they attempt to gain recognition and to assert themselves within the American "competitive multiculturalism”, these groups have increasingly tried to control and influence the way their beliefs and traditions are represented in history and geography courses. Accordingly, textbooks provide minority faiths with a unique medium to accustom generations of citizens with their beliefs, but also to display an attractive public image of their religion, by countering stereotypes and emphasizing the compatibility of their values with those of American society, for instance. The presentation thus explains how textbooks have become central to the identity politics of religious minorities and investigates their mobilization strategies. But it also addresses their limitations, as these groups face challenges and resistance, notably from conservative Christians.


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Interdisziplinäres Zertifikat Nordamerikastudien

Mit dem Interdisziplinären Zertifikat Nordamerikastudien ermöglicht die WWU Münster ihren Studierenden, einen Schwerpunkt im Bereich der multi- und interdisziplinären Nordamerikastudien zu setzen. Unter der Beteiligung der Fachbereiche Erziehungswissenschaften (FB 06), Geschichte/Philosophie (FB 08) und Philologie (FB 09) werden interessierte Studierende eingeladen, sich wissenschaftlich mit der Diversität, den Menschen, den Kulturen, den Geschichte(n) und Sprachen Nordamerikas auseinanderzusetzen und diese in globale Zusammenhänge einzuordnen.

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