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A: Arithmetic and Groups

A2: Groups, model theory and sets
Current Publications• Lectures in Model Theory. , 2018 online
Current ProjectsCRC 1442: Geometry: Deformation and Rigidity - C04: Hyperbolic groups acting sharply 2- or 3-transitively and the Burnside problem Until recent 'free' constructions of the PI and her collaborators, the only known sharply 2- and 3-transitive permutation groups were those arising from linear transformations of the affine or projective line. We will investigate the limitations of this class of groups. The quest for sharply 2- and 3-transitive groups in positive characteristic not arising from linear transformations leads us to the Burnside problem, for which we propose a new approach yielding much lower bounds on the exponent for infinite such groups. online
Geometric and Combinatorial Configurations in Model Theory Model theory studies structures from the point of view of first-order logic. It isolates combinatorial properties of definable sets and uses these to obtain algebraic consequences. A key example is the group configuration theorem, a powerful tool in geometric stability used, e.g., to prove the trichotomy for Zariski geometries and in recent applications to combinatorics. Valued fields are an example of the confluence of stability theory and algebraic model theory. While Robinson studied algebraically closed valued fields already in 1959, the tools from geometric stability were only made available in this context in work of Haskell-Hrushovski-Macpherson, brought to bear in Hrushovski-Loeser's approach to non-archimedean geometry. In the project, we aim to strengthen the recent relations between model theory and combinatorics, develop the model theory of valued fields using tools from geometric stability and carry out an abstract study of the configurations which are a fundamental tool in these two areas. online
EXC 2044 - A2: Groups, model theory and sets Model theory and, more generally, mathematical logic as a whole has seen striking applicationsto arithmetic geometry, topological dynamics and group theory. Such applications as well asfundamental questions in geometric group theory, on the foundations of model theory and in settheory are at the focus of our work. The research in our group reaches from group theoretic questions to the model theory of groups andvalued fields as well as set theory. The study of automorphism groups of first order structures astopological groups, for examples, uses tools from descriptive set theory leading to pure set theoretic questions. online
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