Anita Kollwitz

Rodrigo Bazaes, Münster: Effective Mass of the Fröhlich Polaron: Recent Progress and Open Questions (Oberseminar Mathematische Stochastik)

Wednesday, 24.01.2024 14:00 im Raum SRZ 216

Mathematik und Informatik

Landau and Pekar (in 1948) and Spohn (in 1987) conjectured that the effective mass $m(\alpha)$ of the Fröhlich Polaron at coupling parameter $\alpha$ grows as $\alpha^4$ as $\alpha\to\infty$ with an explicit pre-factor. In a recent joint work with C. Mukherjee, M. Sellke, and S. R. S. Varadhan, we prove the lower bound $m(\alpha) \geq C \alpha^4$, which matches (up to a constant) the corresponding sharp upper bound shown recently by combining the results from Brooks and Seiringer (2022) and Polzer (2023).

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