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Phylogenetic intermediate positioning of STEC O2:H6 to prototypic UPEC, AIEC and most closely related and prototypic HUS‐associated STEC based on whole genome sequencing data
© Bielaszewska et al. 2014

A2 Origin and evolution of heteropathogenic Escherichia coli

PI: Prof. Dr. Alexander Mellmann
Research Group: Hospital and Environmental Hygiene, Institute for Hygiene
Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Joachim Kurtz
Doctoral student:  Imke Johanna Temme

Escherichia coli are harmless commensals of the human intestinal flora but they can also acquire virulence traits and emerge as pathogens, which are frequently corroborated by the fact that for example diarrheagenic and uropathogenic E. coli differ phylogenetically and by virulence profiles. Recently, we found heteropathogenic E. coli that not only possess and express virulence factors associated with diarrheagenic and uropathogenic E. coli but also cause diarrhoea and urinary tract infections thereby questioning the linear descent from a non-pathogen to a pathogen. Therefore, we would like to focus in the proposed project on the evolutionary origin of this heteropathogen.