A3 Escherichia coli adaptation to individual hosts: A genomic view

PI: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dobrindt
Research Group: Microbial Genome Plasticity, Institute for Hygiene
Co-PI: Prof. Dr. Alexander Mellmann
Doctoral student: Hanna Klimek, Marla Keizers

Bacterium-host interaction drives bacterial adaptation. We will analyse host-specific bacterial adaptation of probiotic E. coli strain Nissle 1917 in response to long-term intestinal colonization of different individuals and this strain’s impact on the composition of the host intestinal microbiota. Combining whole genome sequencing of E. coli Nissle 1917 re-isolates, the analysis of bacterium-host interaction by dual RNA-seq, and the investigation of bacterial modulation of host cell signalling and host innate immune responses will provide insights into bacterial genes and traits under selection during intestinal colonization of different individuals.