Professorin Dr. Eve-Marie Becker

Professorship for the New Testament
Professorin Dr. Eve-Marie Becker

Universitätsstr. 13-17, Room 211
48143 Münster
T: 49 251 83-22535

Consultation hours

During semester: s. homepage right column.
Semesterbreak (summer and winter): s. homepage rigth column and announcement in the Faculty

External Profile:

  • Projects

    • EfP - Exegese für die Predigt (since )
      Individual project: Evangelical Church in Germany, Evangelische Kirche der Pfalz (Protestantische Landeskirche), Bremische Evangelische Kirche, Evangelische Kirche in Hessen und Nassau
    • Co-editor "Handbuch Brief: Antike" (Walter de Gruyter) ( - )
      Individual project: Walter de Gruyter GmbH | Project Number: LLC/EK
    • Epistolary visions of transformational leadership: Cicero - Paul - Seneca ( - )
      Individual project: Independent Research Fund Denmark | Project Number: 8018-00086B
    • Conference "Who was ›James‹? Challenging Concepts of Epistolary Authorship" 06. - 08. August 2019, Münster ( - )
      Scientific Event: Fritz Thyssen Foundation - Support of Conferences | Project Number:
    • Homines novi: Literary self-configurations from Cicero and Paul to Augustine ( - )
      Own resources project
  • Promotion

    Jónsson, Sigurvin LárusJames Among the Classicists
    Mortensen, JacobPaul, Paulitics and "prosôpopoiia"
    Falkenberg, RenéEugnostos the Blessed