Research Information Reports & Archive

The University of Muenster presents its research information reports biennially to the public. The report, until 1997-1998, was printed in volumes and also - in fewer numbers – as a complete edition. More recent reports - as of 1995 - are available online and accessible on the web pages of the WWU.

As of December 2010, the web portal opened its online doors for the research information data base CRIS@WWU (Current Research Information System).
The University of Muenster provides thusly a fully accessible, open and continually up-to-date version of a data base which encompasses all of the research activity and its results of every department and of every field of study.

Hence, this move to CRIS@WWU elevates the research reporting forward and replaces the old model of the biennially research reports.
CRIS, as a virtual data base, guarantees a continuous up-to-date report. The last research report of the University of Muenster from 2005 includes also the years 2003-2004. Up-to-date research reports for the years 2005-2006, 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 are in production. They were released at the beginning of the summer semester of 2012.

Any research reports of the faculty of protestant theology are retrievable online via the following links down below. Clicking on a link will open a .pdf file in a new tab.

Dr. Wolfgang Kleiböhmer is the contact for questions about the reaserach information data base CRIS@WWU of the faculty of protestant theology.

Research Information Report 2011-2012

Research Information Report 2009-2010

Research Information Report 2007-2008

Research Information Report 2005-2006

Research Information Report 2003-2004

Research Information Report 2001-2002

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Research Information Report 1997-1998

Research Information Report 1995-1996