Neuropathology as a Life-Task

  • Werner Jänisch
Keywords: Neuropathology, Personal reflections, GDR, Charité


Neuropathology as a special field in medicine saw its development not until the second half of the twentieth century. Its roots are in neurology and pathology. Its significance has risen because of the emergence of neurosurgergy. The validity of neuropathological diagnoses greatly increased especially because of the application of immunohistochemistry and genetics. This may have been the rationale for the editor of this journal to have neuropathologists’ paths of life delineated for future generations under the heading “Reflections.” This includes the various pathways and detours to neuropathology and the ways research findings have been generated, which may eventually prove important or useless. It has been the desire of the editor that authors not only reflect on their professional activities and experiences, but also present themselves as persons. This paper should not be intended as an autobiography, but the development and experiences of the author be presented in appropriate length. I think of this as a good approach, which I will attempt to pursue.

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