Join the team

If you wholeheartedly support our approach of scientific publishing, consider to join our Editorial Boards.

Our Layout/Copyediting Board members overtake the typical publishing activities of copyediting and layout, but they tend to be more enthusiastic and more efficient than the usual staff of commercial publishers. The ideal members should

  • be efficient, reliable and accurate, yet open-minded,
  • have sense for visual aesthetics,
  • be good writers,
  • ideally have experience with production of webpages and/or image processing,
  • have a good command of the English language (but do not necessarily have to be native speakers).

You don't need to be a neuropathologist to participate. Any age and any cultural background is welcome. Undertaking only copyediting or only layout is also an option, depending on experience and preferences. Joining the layout/copyediting board will provide a deep understanding of the publishing process and is a great way to expand personal networks.

Click here for more detailed information on what exactly a copyeditor does.

Our expert Associate Editors come from all over the world and from various scientific areas in neuropathology and neuroscience with a major interest in the pathology and mechanisms of neurological disease, and they are actively involved in shaping Free Neuropathology. They are not overcommitted notabilities who are sitting on too many boards and whose activity is restricted to undertaking occasional reviews, as in so many other scientific journals. Associate Editors participate in internal online discussions, provide important suggestions, promote the journal and its philosophy and handle papers, depending on interests and preferences.

Interested? Please get in touch with the editors.