Cooperation Guidelines

These are the principles for how FNP and a (national) neuropathology society (NPS) can interact, associate and promote each other, so that both the journal and the society will profit.

FNP will provide the following services for the NPS:

  • Promotion of the society via a link at the main page of the website.
  • Optional: If the society does not have a website, FNP is able to set up a simple subpage on the FNP website for basic information about the NPS and for announcements and news.
  • Publishing abstracts of the meetings of NPS. The process should be as easy as possible for members/authors. Abstracts are published open access and the copyright remains with the authors. Abstracts are first submitted to NPS, which checks for content, language and formal issues (according to the criteria of the NPS). Abstracts that are not acceptable for scientific or technical reasons will be rejected by the NPS. When submitting abstracts to the NPS, authors have to confirm that they agree with the journal policies of FNP. No written forms are requiredby FNP. Any formal regulations (number of abstracts, number of authors, word count, subheadings of abstracts, option of an included figure etc.) are the business of the NPS, while FNP is open for almost anything and will support the policies of the NPS. FNP will undertake only minor copyediting (such as picking up and correcting occasional typos).
  • Once abstracts have been completely received from the NPS, FNP will publish them in final form within a few days. There will be an abstract link on the main website. Abstracts are permanently available for free, without a paywall and without the requirement to log in.
  • FNP will serve as the organ of the NPS.
  • FNP agrees to deliver a short report at/for the business meetings of NPS, if appropriate.

NPS will provide the following services for FNP:

  • FNP is declared as the society journal on the website of the NPS.
  • Promoting FNP via appropriate channels of the NPS by and for NPS members and beyond.

There are absolutely no financial issues involved. The NPS does not pay anything for the services of FNP, and FNP does not pay anything for the NPS' activities. The NPS is not involved in any editorial decisions, editorial structure issues or strategic decisions of FNP, and it does not share ownership of the journal. FNP may be the organ of more than one NPS. Cooperation between FNP and NPS can be terminated by either party at any time.