Prof. Dr. Klaus Holger Knorr

Head of the Research Group

Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry Group
Institute of Landscape Ecology
Heisenbergstr. 2
48149 Münster, Germany

room:    436, Heisenbergstr. 2
phone.: +49 251 83 30207
mail:     kh.knorr*
office hours: Wednesdays, 10-12 am

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  • Curriculum vitae

    since 08/2018 Full Professor in Hydrology, Institute of Landscape Ecology, Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry Group, University of Münster
    03/2013 Assistant Professor (Akademischer Rat), Institute of Landscape Ecology, Ecohydrology and Biogeochemistry Group, University of Münster
    11/2017 Habilitation (postdoctoral lecturing qualification) or venia legendi  in Biogeochemistry
    Thesis: "Patterns, mechanisms, and records of biogeochemical processes in wetland soils"
    Scientific presentation and colloquium: Permafrost thawing and climate feedback - Carbon turnover in thermokarst lakes and collapse wetlands
    10/2009 Research Assistant (Akademischer Rat auf Zeit), Department of Hydrology, University of Bayreuth, Limnological Research Station
    09/2008 Researcher at the Department of Hydrology, University of Bayreuth, and in the Laboratory of Isotope Biogeochemistry, University of Bayreuth
    Graduation (Dr. rer. nat. / PhD), University of Bayreuth, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geosciences.
    Dissertation: Dynamics of soil processes under extreme meteorological boundary conditions – Response of below-ground carbon, sulfur, and iron cycling in fen soils
    02/2005 Diploma in Geoecology, University of Bayreuth, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geosciences.
    Major subjects: Hydrology, Soil Science, Soil Physics, Agroecology
    Thesis: Influence of groundwater inflow conditions on the biogeochemical processes in acidid and iron rich sediments


    Participating the Sino-German Frontiers of Science Symposium, Humboldt Society (Qingdao, China)
    04/2010 Travel Grant of the German Limnological Society (Patagonia, Chile)
    10/2007 Bernd Rendel-Prize of the German Research Foundation (DFG)
    2002-2003 Scholarship (ETH Zürich, CH), Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes
    2000-2004 Scholarship, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

    Work Experience

    02/2009 – 02/2013 Scientist and Research Assistant, Department of Hydrology, University of Bayreuth (Prof. Dr. S. Peiffer)
    08/2008 – 01/2009 Scientist, BayCEER Laboratory for Isotope Biogeochemistry (Prof. Dr. G. Gebauer)
    03/2005 - 0703/2005 - 07/2008 Researcher at the Department of Hydrology, University of Bayreuth,  DFG Project BL563/7-2 (C. Blodau), DFG Research Unit FOR 562 (Bodenprozesse bei extremen meteorologischen Randbedingungen)

  • Research interests

    •     Biogeochemistry of Peatlands, Lake Sediments and Anaerobic Aquifers
    •     Biogeochemical Processes of Wetland Restoration
    •     Coupling of hydrological and biogeochemical Processes
    •     CO2, N2O and CH4 Production and Fluxes
    •     Plat - Rhizosphere - Soil Interface in Wetlands and Heterogenic Process Patterns
    •     Characterization of Natural Organic Matter
    •     Redox Processes of Organic Matter and Interaction of DOC - Iron - Sulfur
    •     Stable and Radioactive Isotopes (C, N, S, O, H)
  • Research projects

    Project term: 3 years starting on 2/17
    Title: DFG Project KN 929/11-1: Does increased availability of Silicon increase mineralization of organic matter in minerotrophic fens?
    Contributors: Jörg Schaller, Klaus-Holger Knorr, Annkathrin Hömberg
    Project term: 3 years starting on 02/17
    Title: DFG Project KN 929/12-1: Redox properties of dissolved and solid organic matter as controls on anaerobic respiration in organic soils
    Contributors: Chuanyu Gao, Michael Sander, Klaus-Holger Knorr
    Project term: 3 years starting on 11/16
    Title: Quantification and controls of carbon fluxes of the Windsborn lake (Eifel): Are there 'hot spots' and 'hot moments' in the carbon cycle of shallow lakes?
    Contributors: Leandra Praetzel, Marcel Schmiedeskamp, Klaus-Holger Knorr
    Project term: 3 years starting on 01/14
    Title: DFG Project KN 929/8-1:Controlling factors of release of organic matter and its stability and effects in methanogenic, rewetted fen soils
    Contributors: Klaus-Holger Knorr, Svenja Agethen, Dominik Zak, Hendrik Reuter
    Project term: 10/2013 - 04/2014
    Title: A2013-022-004203 - Redox-speciation of organic sulphur in natural organic matter - stability of organic sulphur compounds and implications for anaerobic electron transfer; Allocated Beamtime at Synchrotron Radiation Source Karlsruhe (ANKA): 4 days (SUL-X Beamline, S-K-edge XANES)
    Contributors: Klaus-Holger Knorr, Jörg Göttlicher, Zhiguo Yu
    Project term: 06/2009 – 07/2014
    Title: DFG KN 929/2-1 FOR 580 TP KNO: Redox processes along gradients
    Project term: 10/2011 – 09/2014
    Title: DFG/KOSEF International Research Training Group, TERRECO Cluster H-03: Carbon and nitrogen turnover in sediments of the Soyang Lake Reservoir
    Project term: 01/2013 – 12/2014
    Title: DAAD PPP Program for China: Biogeochemistry of trace elements in wetlands
    Project term: 10/2012 – 03/2013
    Title: ISS Karlsruhe, ANKA Beamline SUL-X: Speciation of organic sulfur in humic acids and natural organic matter after reaction with H2S
    Project term: 11/2012 – 12/2013
    Title: BayIntAn_2012_57 Bavarian Research Alliance: Root turnover of vascular plants in pristine bogs of Patagonia
    Project term: 06/2010 – 12/2011
    Title: LFU Federal Environmental Agency of Bavaria : Effetcs of climate change on exports of dissolved organic matter and nitrate from a forested headwater catchment
  • Memberships, Activities

    • American Geophysical Union (AGU)
    • Geochemical Society (GS)
    • German Limnological Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Limnologie DGL)
    • Deusche Gesellschaft für Moor und Torfkunde (DGMT)

    Member of Editorial Boards

    • Scientific Reports
    • Biogeochemistry

    Further Qualifications

    • Scientific organizing team at the 26. annual meeting of the German Limnological Society (DGL) 2010 in Bayreuth; Session organizer at the EGU General Assembly, DGL annual meeting and other meetings
    • Reviewer for international Journals (Applied Geochemistry, Acta Hydrochimica et Hydrobiologica, Biogeochemistry, Biogeosciences, Contamiant Hydrology, Environmental Science & Technology, Hydrobiologia, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta)


  • Publications

    Original Papers in peer reviewed international Journals


    • 60) Hoemberg, A.; Obst, M.; Knorr, K.-H.; Kalbitz, K.; Schaller, J. (2020): Increased silicon concentration in fen peat leads to a release of iron and phosphate and changes in the composition of dissolved organic matter. Geoderma 374, 114422, doi: 10.1016/j.geoderma.2020.114422
    • 59) Drollinger,S.; Knorr,K.-H.; Knierzinger,W.; Glatzel,S.: Peat decomposition proxies of Alpine bogs along a degradation gradient. doi: 10.1016/j.geoderma.2020.114331
    • 58) Heffernan, L.; Estop‐Aragonés, C.; Knorr, K.-H.; Talbot, J.; Olefeldt, D. (2020): Long‐term impacts of permafrost thaw on carbon storage in peatlands: deep losses offset by surficial accumulation. Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences (in press)


    • 57) Bonaiuti, S.; Blodau, C.; Knorr, K.-H. (2019): Evaluating biogeochemical indicators of methanogenic conditions and thermodynamic constraints in peat. Applied Geochemistry (in press)
    • 56) Diaconu, A.-C.; Ioan Tanţău, I; Knorr. K.-H.; Borken, W.; Feurdean, A.; Panait, A.; Gałka, M. (2019): A multi-proxy analysis of hydroclimate trends in an ombrotrophic bog over the last millenium in the Eastern Carpathians of Romania. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (accepted)
    • 55) Schaller, J.; Heimes, R.; Ma, J.F.; Meunier, J.-D.; Shao, J.F.; Kashino, M.F.; Knorr, K.-H. (2019): Siilicon accumulation in rice plant aboveground biomass affets leaf carbon quality. Plant and Soil (accepted)
    • 54) Berger, S.; Braeckevelt, E.; Blodau, C.; Burger, M.; Goebel, M.; Klemm, O.; Knorr, K.-H.; Wagner-Riddle, C. (2019): A 1-year greenhouse gas budget of a peatland exposed to long-term nutrient infiltration and altered hydrology: high carbon uptake and methane emission. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 191, 533. doi: 10.1007/s10661-019-7639-1
    • 53) Selle, B.; Knorr, K.-H.; Lischeid, G. (2019): Mobilisation and transport of dissolved organic carbon and iron in peat catchments—Insights from the Lehstenbach stream in Germany using generalised additive models. Hydrological Processes (early view), doi: 10.1002/hyp.13552
    • 52) Mathijssen, P.J.H.; Galka, M.; Borken, W.; Knorr, K.-H. (2019): Plant communities control long term carbon accumulation and biogeochemical gradients in a Patagonian bog. Science of the Total Environment 684, 670-681, doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.05.310
    • 51) Moore, T.R.; Knorr, K.-H.; Thompson, L.; Roy, C.; Bubier, J.L. (2019): The effect of long-term fertilization on peat in an ombrotrophic bog. Geoderma 343, 176-186,
    • 50) Münchberger, W.; Knorr, K.-H.; Blodau, C.; Pancotto, V.A.; Kleinebecker, T. (2019): Zero to moderate methane emissions in a densely rooted, pristine Patagonian bog - biogeochemical controls as revealed from isotopic evidence. Biogeosciences (accepted)
    • 49) Gao, C,; Sander, M.; Agethen, S.; Knorr, K.-H. (2019): Electron accepting capacity of dissolved and particulate organic matter control CO2 and CH4 formation in peat soils. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 245: 266-277
    • 48) Galka, M.; Szal, M.; Broder, T.; Loisel, J.; Knorr, K.-H. (2019): Peatbog resilience to pollution and climate change over the past 2700 years in the Harz Mountains, Germany. Ecological Indicators, 97, 183-193, doi: 10.1016./j.ecolind.2018.10.015


    • 47) Yan, R.; Kappler, A.; Muehe, E.M.; Knorr, K.-H.; Horn, M.A.; Poser, A.; Lohmayer, R.; Peiffer, S. (2018): Effect of reduced sulfur species on chemolithoautotrophic pyrite oxidation with nitrate. Geomicrobiology Journal, doi: 10.1080/01490451.2018.1489915
    • 46) Wen, X.; Unger, V.; Jurasinski, G.; Koebsch, F.; Horn, F.; Rehder, G.; Sachs, T.; Zak, D.; Lischeid, G.; Knorr, K.-H.; Böttcher, M.E.; Winkel, M.; Bodelier, P.L.E.; Liebner, S. (2018): Predominance of methanogens over methanotrophs in rewetted fens characterized by high methane emissions. Biogeosciences 15, 6519-6536.
    • 45) Agethen, S.; Sander, M.; Waldemer, C.; Knorr, K.-H. (2018): Plant rhizosphere oxidation reduces methane production and emission in rewetted peatlands. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 125, 125-135.
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    • 43) Xia, B.; Qiu, H.; Knorr, K.-H.; Blodau, C.; Qiu, R. (2018): Occurrence and fate of colloids and colloid-associated metals in a mining-impacted agricultural soil upon prolonged flooding. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 348, 56-66
    • 42) Agethen, S.; Knorr, K.-H. (2018): Juncus effusus mono-stands in restored cutover peat bogs - Analysis of litter quality, controls of anaerobic decomposition, and the risk of secondary carbon loss. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 117, 139-152


    • 41) Berger, S.; Gebauer, G.; Knorr, K.-H. (2017): Peatlands in an eutrophic world - assessing the state of a poor fen - bog transition in southern Ontario, Canada, after long term nutrient input and altered hydrological conditions. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 114, 131-144
    • 40) Reithmaier, G.-M.S.; Knorr, K.-H.; Arnhold, S.; Planer-Friedrich, B.; Schaller, J. (2017): Enhanced silicon availability leads to increased methane production, nutrient and toxicant mobility in peatlands. Scientific Reports, 7, 8728
    • 39) Blodau, C.; Agethen, S.; Broder, T.; Knorr, K.-H. (2017): Gradients of organic matter quality, mineralization and sequestration in Cook's Bay of Lake Simcoe, Canada. Limnologica, in press, doi: 10.1016/j.limno.2017.04.005
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    bis 2011

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    • 13) Deppe, M; McKnight, D; Knorr, KH; Blodau, C: Effects of short-term drying and irrigation on CO2 and CH4 production and emission from mesocosms of a northern bog and alpine fen, Biogeochemistry, 100(1-3), 89-103 (2010)
    • 12) Goldberg, S; Knorr, KH; Blodau, C; Lischeid, G; Gebauer, G: Impact of altering the water table height of an acidic fen on N2O and NO fluxes and soil concentrations, Global Change Biology, 16, 220-233 (2010), DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2009.02015
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    • 1) Knorr, KH; Blodau, C: Altered groundwater inflow remobilizes acidity from sediments of an iron rich and acidic lake, Environmental Science and Technology, 40, 2944-2950 (2006)

    Proceedings and book chapters

    • Fleckenstein, JH; Frei, S; Knorr, KH: Modelling interactions between hydrologic dynamics and biogeochemical processes in a riparian wetland of a low-order stream, IAHS Red Book(345), 89-92 (2011)
    • Peiffer, S; Knorr, KH; Blodau, C: The Role of Iron Minerals for the Biogeochemistry of Acid Pit Lakes, , Acid Pit Lakes (Ed. Geller W.) (2011)
    • Knorr, KH: Auswirkung verstärkter Austrocknungs- und Wiederbefeuchtungsereignisse auf Respirationsprozesse in einem Niedermoor, Telma, 40, 67-88 (2010)