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The Center of German-American Educational History not only seeks to stimulate the development of innovative research projects, it also regularly publishes the results of interesting new research. In collaboration with the publishers Julius Klinkhardt Verlag, Bad Heilbrunn, the Center releases a series of monographs and anthologies: „Studien zur Deutsch-Amerikanischen Bildungsgeschichte / Studies in German- American Educational History“. The series is edited by the Center’s Executive Director and its Deputy Heads.

  • Books

    The following books in our series "Studien zur Deutsch-Amerikanischen Bildungsgeschichte / Studies in German-American Educational History" are available:

    • Vol. 3: Sarah Wedde. Kulturtransfer und Wissenszirkulation in den langen 1960er Jahren. Das deutsch-amerikanische Fulbright-Programm für Lehrer:innen. Bad Heilbrunn, Julius Klinkhardt 2023. 225 S., kartoniert, ISBN 978-3-7815-2571-9

      Link zum Verlag, Table of Contents, Introduction
    • Vol. 2: Tim Zumhof, Nicholas K. Johnson (Eds.). Show, Don't Tell. Education and Historical Representations on Screen and Stage in Germany and the USA. Bad Heilbrunn, Julius Klinkhardt 2020. 207 pp., paperback, ISBN 978-3-7815-2397-5

      Table of Contents, Introduction
      Open Access
    • Vol. 1: Jürgen Overhoff, Anne Overbeck (Eds.). New Perspectives on German-American Educational History. Topics, Trends, Fields of Research. Bad Heilbrunn: Julius Klinkhardt, 2017 [Studies in German American Educational History; 1]. 235 pp., paperback, ISBN 978-3-7815-2138-4

      Table of Contents
      Reviews: H-Soz-Kult (May 13, 2018), B. Hemetsberger; IJHE 9 (2019), H. 1, pp. 103-106, N. Friesen

    In the series "Das achtzehnte Jahrhundert. Supplementa", edited by the German Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (DGEJ), the Center for German-American Educational History released an edited volume containing the contributions of the DGEJ Annual Conference 2017 in Münster:

    • Jürgen Overhoff, Andreas Oberdorf (Eds.). Katholische Aufklärung in Europa und Nordamerika (Das achtzehnte Jahrhundert. Supplementa, 25). Göttingen, Wallstein 2019. 563 pp., ISBN 978-3-8353-3493-9

      Reviews: IFB 26 (2018), H. 4, T. Kinzel; Neue Politische Literatur (23.09.2020), D. Tricoire; ZBLG 33 (2020), H. 1, S. 215-222, M. Müller; JbKG 22 (2020), H. Böning; HZ 312 (2021), S. 526f, A. Schunka; ZHF 48 (2021), H. 1, S. 187-189, M. Schaich.

    In follow-up to the conference "Transatlantic Histories of Schooling and Education" (May 2018) another edited volume was published by Routledge (New York), in close cooperation with Fanny Isensee and Daniel Töpper (HU Berlin):

    • Fanny Isensee, Andreas Oberdorf, Daniel Töpper (Eds.). Transatlantic Encounters in History of Education. Translations and Trajectories from a German-American Perspective (Routledge Studies in Cultural History). New York, Routledge 2020, 310 pp., ISBN 978-0-3672-7677-5.

    Reviews: EWR 20 (2021), Nr. 2, Ch. Lerg.

    Jürgen Overhoff points in his biography on the German pedagogue and educational reformer also to German-American entanglements:

    • Jürgen Overhoff. Johann Bernhard Basedow (1724-1790). Eine Biografie (Hamburgische Lebensbilder, 25). Göttingen, Wallstein 2020, 200 S., 30 Abb., geb., ISBN 978-3-8353-3619-3.

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    Rezensionen: FAZ (15. Mai 2020), A. Košenia; DAJ 45/1 (2021), S. 131-133, H. Schmitt.