Ancient Greek Law: Vectors of Local Idiosyncrasy and Unity

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Internationales Symposium

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2023, bis Freitag, 24. Februar 2023


Käte Hamburger Kolleg (Iduna-Hochhaus)
Raum 7011
Servatiiplatz 9
48143 Münster


via Indico


Prof. Dr. Hans Beck (WWU Münster)

Prof. Dr. Kaja Harter-Uibopuu (Universität Hamburg)


Assembling a diverse group of international experts in the fields of Ancient Greek History and the History of Law in Antiquity, the symposium explores new concepts and perspectives on ancient Greek law from Archaic to Hellenistic times. The recent upsurge of scholarship on local encodings of Greek culture, combined with an unyielding research interest in the interconnection of local agencies and their merging into frames of unity, makes this a timely endeavor. Exciting new discoveries of legal texts further advance, and sometimes complicate, the understanding. The Käte Hamburger Kolleg Legal Unity and Pluralism offers an ideal intellectual space for the discussion of the dynamic tension between local legal diversity and unity in ancient Greece.




Thursday, 23 February 2023

10.00 am | Arrival

10.30 am
Ulrike Ludwig, Hans Beck, Kaja Harter-Uibopuu | Welcome

Session 1 | Ancient Greek Law: The Concept Challenge

11.00 am
Hans Beck (Münster) | From local law to legal coherence: the case of Thebes and Boiotia in the Archaic Period

11.45 am
Kaja Harter-Uibopuu (Hamburg) | Foreigners and their access to jurisdiction in the Greek poleis: local models and common perspectives

12.30 pm | Lunch

Session 2 | Public Law and Sanctions
Chair: Hillard von Thiessen (Rostock/Münster)

2.00 pm
Athena Dimopoulou (Athens) | Diversity and unity of public institutions and sanctions: the case of the cities of Lesbos (Archaic to Hellenistic Times)

2.45 pm
Lene Rubinstein (London) | Sanctuaries, treaties, and travelling tradesmen: the shaping of penalty clauses in the Classical and Hellenistic Greek world

3.30 pm | Coffee break

4.00 pm
Lina Girdvainyte (Edinburgh) | Roman positive legislation as applicable law in mainland Greece in the early second century BCE

6.15 pm
Public Keynote
Studiobühne | Domplatz 23
Alain Bresson (Chicago) | Ancient Greek monetary laws and regulations

7.45 pm | Reception in the Foyer

Friday, 24 February 2023

Session 3 | Economy and Trade
Chair: Jakub Urbanik (Warsaw)

9.00 am
Ruben Post (St Andrews) | The federal eranos loan: a unique fiscal and legal institution from early Hellenistic Achaia

9.45 am
Dorothea Rohde (Bielefeld) | Debt cancellations as legalized defaults. Legal aspects of debt reliefs in the Greek world

10.30 am | Coffee break

11.00 am
Donatalla Erdas (Milan) | Selling land and houses in the ancient Greek poleis. Some notes on procedures, liabilities and parties involved

Session 4 | Greek Ritual Norms
Chair: Leslie Carr-Riegel (Budapest/Münster)

11.45 am
Zinon Papakonstantinou (Chicago) | Regulatory norms and practices of Greek sport and ritual

12.30 pm | Lunch

2.00 pm
Laura Gawlinski (Chicago) | Personal, local, global: Greek dress in ritual norms

Session 5 | Private Law
Chair: Susanne Lepsius (Munich/Münster)

2.45 pm
José Luis Alonso (Zurich) | Greek securities as substitutive or collateral: a new perspective

3.30 pm | Coffee break

4.00 pm
Patrick Sänger (Münster) | P.Eleph. 1 and the emergence of the Greek juridical koine

4.45 pm
Philipp Scheibelreiter (Vienna) | Homologia, obligatio, pactum adiectum

5.30 pm | Concluding remarks

7.00 pm | Conference dinner