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We welcome the first Fellows

On 1 June 2021, the new Käte Hamburger Kolleg “Legal Unity & Pluralism” (EViR) in Münster started its work. In the years to come, we will examine the issue of legal pluralism in various societies from antiquity to the present from different perspectives. Through interdisciplinary discussions, we aim to gain new insights into the dynamic relationship between legal unity and pluralism.

Now we are especially looking forward to welcoming our first fellows. From 1 July, eight scholars from all over the world will conduct research at the Kolleg – and others will follow during the next months. Due to the still noticeable effects of the pandemic, we will initially come together for the various work and discussion formats in a purely digital manner. Intensive exchange is still possible – thanks to modern online tools. In addition to the regular “Tea Time” and joint Reading Sessions, the weekly Fellow Lectures will provide insights into the respective research projects.

The following fellows will start their work at the Kolleg on 1 July:

Dr. Sandra Brunnegger
Project: States of Uncertainty. Coordination, Legal Experimentation & Possible Futures in Colombia

Prof. Dr. Kay Peter Jankrift
Project: Medical Authority in Criminal Proceedings from the Decree of the Constitutio Criminalis Carolina until the End of the Old Empire

Prof. Dr. Dr. Eyal Katvan
Project: An Exceptionally Exceptional Exception. Family Litigation in Mandatory Palestine Communal-Informal Tribunals

Prof. Dr. Mirjam Künkler
Project: Legal Pluralism in the Post-Colony

Qian Liu, Ph.D.
Project: Law as an Iceberg in the Ocean. Legal Pluralism and Everyday Exceptions

PD Dr. Gregor Rohmann
Project: Concepts of Violence in a Plural Legal Order. Controversial Semantics of Maritime Predation in Late Medieval Northern Europe

Dr. Sebastian M. Spitra
Project: Negotiating Pluralism Transnationally. The Concept of Exception in the Justification of Private International Law

Dr. Quentin Verreycken
Project: Forgiving at the Crossroads of Norms. The Power to Pardon in Late Medieval England and France

We wish all fellows a good start at the Kolleg and look forward to a stimulating cooperation.

The new fellows present their research projects on Introduction Day
The new fellows present their research projects on Introduction Day
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