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International workshops in November

Three international workshops in November will focus on antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the early modern period. An overview of all events in the winter term is now available in the Kolleg’s new programme flyer, which can be downloaded here.

On 2 and 3 November, the workshop “The Power to Pardon in Medieval and Early Modern Christianity” will focus on the power of medieval and early modern rulers to grant pardons and thus override existing law. Three thematic sections will deal with pardons against the backdrop of legal pluralism in the pre-modern period, with constructions of sovereignty by European rulers, and with the subjects’ agency.

The pre-modern Ruthenian lands will be the focus of the workshop “Variety of Legal Spaces in Ruthenian Lands of Poland-Lithuania during the Medieval and Early-Modern Times” on 21 and 22 November. Several sections will examine the great religious and cultural diversity, as well as socio-structural and economic contexts that presumably facilitated the emergence of pluralistic legal spaces.

Finally, the workshop “Consolidation of Law: Experiencing Ancient Documents” from 29 November to 2 December will focus on antiquity. Law was consolidated both by state or state-like authorities, e.g. through codification, as well as by ‘bottom-up’ efforts, e.g. through legal practitioners producing informal collections of cases or handbooks. The workshop will use various sources as examples to focus on these different types of consolidation.