A year marked by new beginnings

Käte Hamburger Kolleg publishes Annual Report 2021

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2021 was a year marked by new beginnings for the new Käte Hamburger Kolleg "Legal Unity and Pluralism". In June, the Kolleg, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), began its work. Only a month later, we welcomed our first fellows. By initially granting digital fellowships, we were able to effectively cushion the effects of the pandemic. The cooperation that had begun in the digital sphere was then further intensified when it became possible for the fellows to travel to Münster in autumn. Thus, we increasingly enjoyed joint discussions on-site.

In addition to a review of the past year, the annual report offers insights into the thematically diverse research at the Kolleg through project presentations and detailed interviews. A total of eleven fellows and three junior fellows (doctoral students with a scholarship from the University) from the humanities conducted research at the Kolleg in 2021 on topics from the field of legal unity and pluralism. The projects covered a wide epochal breadth, ranging from legal practices in ancient Mediterranean trade and the English and French kings’ power to pardon in the late Middle Ages to the coordination of indigenous and state rights in contemporary Colombia. We wish you a pleasant read.

Here you can download the digital version of the annual report (pdf file, 7 MB).