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Peter Oestmann in the University’s Podcast on the Federal Constitutional Court

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Continuities and disruptions in the German legal system – “Great differentiation of jurisdictions is what makes them valuable”

On 28 September, the German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) celebrates its 70th birthday. What led to its founding, what was specifically new about it and what the court’s work means for the rule of law is discussed by our director Prof. Dr. Peter Oestmann in a podcast with the university’s press officer Norbert Robers.

In addition, the emergence of the German legal system is highlighted, which is partly based on centuries-old traditions, but at the same time is also characterised by abrupt changes. Oestmann sees the historically grown diversity and differentiation of jurisdictions as a high value in accordance with the rule of law.

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Read the press release of the university here (in German).