• Sommersemester 2021

    Das Oberseminar findet in diesem Semester per Zoom statt. Beginn ist in der Regel um 16.15 Uhr, Ausnahmen sind eingetragen.

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    Datum Sprecher Vortrag PDF
    12.04.2021 Philipp Reiter (TU Chemnitz) Elastic knots pdf
    19.04.2021 Dorin Bucur (Université de Savoie) Stable and unstable spectral inequalities pdf
    26.04.2021 Rudolf Zeidler (WWU Münster) Scalar and mean curvature comparison via the Dirac operator pdf
    03.05.2021 Christine Breiner (Fordham) Harmonic maps into CAT(k) spaces pdf
    10.05.2021 Ursula Ludwig (Duisburg-Essen) Witten deformation and Cheeger-Müller theorem for singular spaces with conical singularities
    17.05.2021 Xiaoyang Chen (Tongji University) Some vanishing theorems on manifolds with almost nonnegative /nonpositive  Ricci curvature
    31.05.2021 Rosa Sena-Dias (IST Lisboa) Uniqueness among scalar-flat Kähler toric metrics on non-compact surfaces pdf
    07.06.2021 Robin Neumayer (Northwestern) $d_p$ Convergence and $\epsilon$-regularity theorems for entropy and scalar curvature lower bounds pdf
    14.06.2021 Luca Di Cerbo (University of Florida) Higher Graph Manifolds and Singer Conjecture pdf
    21.06.2021 Ilaria Mondello (Paris Est Créteil) Limits of manifolds with a Kato bound on the Ricci curvature pdf
    28.06.2021 Karin Melnick (Maryland) Conformal groups of compact Lorentzian manifolds
    05.07.2021 Caterina Zeppieri (WWU Münster) Homogenisation of variational problems: an overview pdf
    12.07.2021 Yuguang Zhang (Hannover) Pair-of-pants decomposition of general type hypersurface in CP^3
    19.07.2021 Andreas Gastel (Duisburg-Essen) Regularity questions for polyharmonic maps pdf

    • Frühere Oberseminare

      Wintersemester 2020/2021

      Das Oberseminar findet in diesem Semester per Zoom statt. Beginn ist in der Regel um 16.15 Uhr, Ausnahmen sind eingetragen.

      Falls Sie die Zugangsdaten (Passwort) noch nicht per Email erhalten haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an sandra.huppert@uni-muenster.de

      Datum Sprecher Vortrag
      02.11.2020 Daniel Stern, Chicago Min-max harmonic maps and extremal metrics for Laplacian eigenvalues
      09.11.2020 Julian Scheuer, Cardiff A general approach to stability of the soap bubble theorem and related problems

       18 Uhr s.t.

      Guofang Wei, UCSB Ricci flow and $L^{n/2}$-curvature pinching
      23.11.2020 Stefano Montaldo, Cagliari Higher order energy functionals and polyharmonic hypersurfaces
      30.11.2020 Arthur Bartels, Münster Long thin covers for flows
      07.12.2020 Yang Li, MIT Metric SYZ conjecture
      14.12.2020 Renato Bettiol, CUNY Pinched 4-manifolds
      11.01.2021 Dan Lee, CUNY
      18.01.2021 Joel Fine, Brüssel Knots, minimal surfaces and J-holomorphic curves
      25.01.2021 Joeri van der Veken, Leuven Lagrangian submanifolds of the complex quadric​
      01.02.2021 Amitai Yuval
      08.02.2021 Keaton Naff, Columbia MCF of nearly-planar submanifolds in higher codimension

      Sommersemester 2020
      Datum Sprecher Vortrag
      11.05.2020 Anna Maria Fino, Turin Closed G_2-structures and Laplacian flow
      18.05.2020 Klaus Kröncke, Hamburg L^p-stability and positive scalar curvature rigidity of Ricci-flat ALE manifolds
      25.05.2020 Volker Branding, Wien Higher order generalizations of harmonic maps

      Matthias Wink, UCLA

      17-18 Uhr

      New Curvature Conditions for the Bochner Technique
      15.06.2020 Miguel Domínguez Vázquez, Santiago de Compostela Cohomogeneity one actions and inhomogeneous isoparametric hypersurfaces in quaternionic hyperbolic spaces
      22.06.2020 Peter McGrath, UPenn Quantitative Isoperimetric Inequalities on Riemannian Surfaces
      29.06.2020 Tristan Ozuch-Meersseman, ENS Paris Noncollapsed degeneration of Einstein 4-manifolds
      06.07.2020 Shih-Kia Chiu, Notre Dame A Liouville type theorem for harmonic 1-forms

      Wintersemester 2019/2020
      Datum Sprecher Vortrag
      07.10.2019 Jason Lotay, Oxford Minimal submanifolds, mean curvature flow and the Gibbons-Hawking ansatz
      14.10.2019 Fernando Galaz-Garcia, KIT On quotients of spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
      21.10.2019 Elena Mäder-Baumdicker, Darmstadt Willmore spheres are unstable
      28.10.2019 Reto Buzano, Turin Bubbling analysis for closed and free-boundary minimal hypersurfaces
      04.11.2019 Lorenzo Foscolo, Edinburgh Complete non-compact Spin(7)-manifolds from self-dual Einstein 4-orbifolds
      11.11.2019 Thomas Richard, Université Paris-Est Créteil Synthetic curvature bounds on stratified spaces
      18.11.2019 Panagiotis Gianniotis, Athen Regularity theory for Type I Ricci flows
      25.11.2019 Francesco Di Giovanni, London The Ricci flow of warped Berger metrics
      02.12.2019 Michael Weiß, Münster The diffeomorphism group of an exotic sphere
      09.12.2019 Manuel Amann, Augsburg Non-negatively curved vector bundles over cohomogeneity one manifolds
      16.12.2019 Alix Deruelle, Paris A Lojasiewicz inequality for ALE Ricci flat metrics
      13.01.2020 Huy  Nguyen, London High Codimension Mean Curvature Flow and Surgery
      20.01.2020 Fabian Lehmann, London
      Cohomogeneity one families in Spin(7) geometry


      14.30 -15.30 Uhr, SR2

      Maximilian Stegemeyer, Würzburg Endpoint geodesics in extrinsic symmetric spaces


      16-18 Uhr, SR4

      Jason Ledwidge, Tübingen The structure of non-compact shrinking Ricci solitons via heat kernel estimates

      Sommersemester 2019
      Datum Sprecher Vortrag
      08.04.2019 Jian Wang, Grenoble Contractible 3-manifolds and positive scalar curvature
      15.04.2019 Angela Stevens, Münster Homogenization of the heat equation in periodically layered domains
      29.04.2019 Marco Freibert, Kiel The spinor flow on homogeneous manifolds
      06.05.2019 Miles Simon, Magdeburg On the regularity of Ricci flows coming out of metric spaces
      13.05.2019 Benedikt Wirth, Münster Variational models for transportation networks: weak-* relaxation and flat chains
      20.05.2019 Nina Lebedeva, St. Petersburg Spaces with weak lower curvature bound
      27.05.2019 Jiawei Liu, Magdeburg Stability of the Conical Kähler-Ricci flows on Fano manifolds
      03.06.2019 Kevin Poljsak, Münster Convergence behaviour of the curvature tensor for a converging Ricci flow
      17.06.2019 Niels Martin Møller, Kopenhagen Forgetful classifications of ancient mean curvature flows
      08.07.2019 Jan Nienhaus, Münster Spaces with periodic cohomology rings

      Wintersemester 2018/2019
      Datum Sprecher Vortrag
      15.10.2018 Joel Fine, Brüssel Examples of compact Einstein 4-manifolds with negative curvature
      22.10.2018 Bernhard Hanke, Augsburg Local flexibility for open partial differential relations
      29.10.2018 Stephan Stadler, München A Morse lemma for quasiplanes
      05.11.2018 Ricardo Mendes, Köln Diameter of quotients of the sphere by isometric group actions
      12.11.2018 Olaf Müller, Berlin New conformal methods at the interface of analysis, geometry and mathematical physics
      19.11.2018 Stefan Suhr, Bochum A min-max characterization of Zoll metrics
      26.11.2018 Guofang Wang, Freiburg A new Minkowsky formula for free boundary hypersurfaces
      03.12.2018 Christian Lange, Köln Existence of infinitely many closed geodesics on closed 2-orbifolds
      10.12.2018 Jan Swoboda, München Analysis and geometry of Higgs bundle moduli spaces
      17.12.2018 Christian Ketterer, Toronto Metric measure spaces with 2-sided curvature bounds
      07.01.2019 Ernst Kuwert, Freiburg The total squared curvature functional for 2-dimensional surfaces in Riemannian manifolds
      14.01.2019 Peter Albers, Heidelberg Symplectic billiards
      21.01.2019 Johannes Ebert, Münster Diffeomorphism groups and the space of metrics of positive scalar curvature
      28.01.2019 Oliver Goertsches, Marburg Geometric structures on biquotients

      Sommersemester 2018
      Datum Sprecher Vortrag
      09.04.2018 Norman Zergänge, Warwick Convergence of Riemannian 4-manifolds with L^2 -curvature bounds
      16.04.2018 Viveca Erlandsson, Bristol Counting curves on surfaces
      23.04.2018 Klaus Kröncke, Hamburg Stability of ALE Ricci-flat manifolds under Ricci flow
      30.04.2018 Mauricio Bustamante, Augsburg Bundles with fiberwise negatively curved metrics
      07.05.2018 Manuel Amann, Augsburg Orbifolds with all geodesics closed
      14.05.2018 Franziska Beitz, Münster Bianchi-convex functions and rigidity of shrinking gradient Ricci solitons
      28.05.2018 Boris Vertman, Oldenburg Stability of the Ricci de Turck flow on singular spaces
      04.06.2018 Anand Dessai, Fribourg Moduli space of metrics of nonnegative sectional/positive Ricci curvature on homotopy real projective spaces
      18.06.2018 Marco Radeschi, Notre Dame Manifolds submetries, and polynomial algebras
      25.06.2018 Anda Degeratu, Stuttgart Towards a construction of constant scalar curvature  Kähler metrics on elliptic surfaces
      02.07.2018 Anton Petrunin, PSU Convergence of curvature tensor
      09.07.2018 Wilderich Tuschmann, Karlsruhe Spaces of nonnegatively curved metrics
      18.07.2018 Ronan Conlon, Miami New examples of complete Calabi-Yau metrics on n for n ≥ 3.

      Wintersemester 2017/2018
      Datum Sprecher, Universität
      09.10.2017 Nina Lebedeva, WWU Münster On optimal transport continuity property
      16.10.2017 Julian Scheuer, Universität Freiburg Harnack inequalities for evolving hypersurfaces
      23.10.2017 Huy Nguyen, Queen Mary University London Singularity formation in high codimension mean curvature flow
      30.10.2017 Daniele Valtorta, Universität Zürich Singularities for Q-valued Dirichlet minimizing functions
      06.11.2017 Bogdan Georgiev, Universität Bonn Some estimates on the geometry of Laplacian eigenfunctions
      13.11.2017 Fernando  Galaz Garcia, KIT Sufficiently collapsed irreducible Alexandrov spaces are geometric
      20.11.2017 Chao Qian, WWU Münster The story of isoparametric foliation: From unit spheres to exotic spheres
      27.11.2017 Martin Kell, Universität Tübingen Group actions on spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
      04.12.2017 Luigi Vezzoni, Universität Turin A quantitative version of a theorem of Alexandrov
      11.12.2017 Tobias Lamm, KIT Expanders for the harmonic map flow
      18.12.2017 Henrik Matthiesen, MPI Bonn The analytic systole of Riemannian surfaces
      15.01.2018 Artem Nepechiy, Münster New convex functions on Alexandrov spaces
      22.01.2018 Saskia Roos, MPI Bonn The Dirac operator under codimension one collapse
      29.01.2018 Matthias Wink, Oxford Constructions of complete Ricci solitons of cohomogeneity one