Workshop on Curvature and Global Shape

July 31st -- August 4th, 2023

Organizing Committee:


Hans-Joachim Hein, University of Münster

Michael Wiemeler, University of Münster

Burkhard Wilking, University of Münster


The purpose of the meeting is to study relationships between local and global invariants in Riemannian Geometry. Our intention is to bring together experts in the field as well as young mathematicians. We plan to schedule talks from the morning of Monday, 31 July, through the afternoon of Friday, 4 August. The program of the Workshop is structured so that beyond the lectures there will be many opportunities for intensive discussions. The workshop will be funded by CRC 1442 Geometry: Deformations and Rigidity, SPP2026 Geometry at Infinity and Münster Mathematics Cluster of Excellence.

Due to the large number of people who have already registered for the conference, we are unable to offer any financial support (i.e. hotel/travelcosts). If you still plan to register for the conference, you can make your own hotel reservations using the links below

Tourist Information Münster

Child care is available free of charge for all participants of the workshop.

Warning: We are aware of a convincing scam targeting participants in mathematical research events. These scammers may telephone or email you and tell you that they are organising accommodation in Münster for you. If you are approached by a third party (eg asking for booking or payment details, please ignore. We will never ask you for credit/debit card information. If we are booking accommodation for you, the email will come from Sandra Huppert, never a third party. We are not the only institute to be targeted. These scammers were prolific before the pandemic and would now appear to be back in business.

The registration has now closed.

The math building is located at the Coesfelder Kreuz, Einsteinstrasse 62. It is the tall building with 9 floors.

We would also like to draw attention of attendees to "Analytical methods in complex geometry" a conference which is taking place the following week.

For masters students from Münster: If you would like to attend the conference, you need a short recommendation from two professors of the department.