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of Ph. D thesis

Current Position of Ph. D Candidates

Luise Greiffer (mentored by Dr. Verena Spiegler) 2023 Molekulare und ultrastrukturelle Effekte oligomerer Procyanidine aus Combretum mucronatum Schumach. & Thonn. in Caenorhabditis elegans German  
Boris Mo 2023 New strategies for the treatment of urinary tract infections: Influence of plant extracts from traditional herbal medicine on Tamm Horsfall Protein 


Pharmaceutical Industry (Switzerland)
Vanessa Kreling 2023 Antiadhesive natural products against Campylobacter jejunii German Community Pharmacy
Joshua Jacobtorweihen (mentored by Dr. Verena Spiegler) 2023 Bromphenole aus Vertebrata lanosa (L.) T.A. Christensen mit antimikrobieller Wirkung gegen Pseudomonas aeruginosa German Community Pharmacy

Sonja Thölmann (mentored by Prof. Dr. K. Ebnet)

2022 The Role of the Cell Adhesion Receptor JAM-A in Collective Cell Migration English  
Nico Symma 2021 Methodenentwicklung zur Analytik oligomerer und polymerer Proanthocyanidine und phytochemische Charakterisierung neuartiger Alkaloide aus Lindenblüten German Pharmaceutical Industry
Melanie Deipenbrock 2020 Extrakte aus Orthosiphon stamineus Blättern und Ononis spinosa Wurzeln als Antiadhäsiva gegen uropathogene Escherichia coli German

Community Pharmacy, Sterile drug Production Center

Pia Insa Vollmer 2019 Phytochemische Untersuchungen und in vitro Wirkung hydro-alkoholischer Extrakte aus Tropaeolum majus L.- German Pharmaceutical Industry
Susanne Lehmann 2019 Natural products of traditionally used plants with anthelminitic activity English Phamaceutical Industry
Maren Gottesmann 2019 Pectins and pectin-like polysaccharides with anti-adhesive properties against Helicobacter pylori English Hospital Pharmacy
Elena Jimenez Negro 2019 Phytochemische Untersuchungen an Armoracia rusticana G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb German Pharmaceutical Industry
Birte Scharf 2019 Extrakte aus Vaccinium macrocarpon Früchten als antiadhäsive Thereapiestrategie gegen uropathogene Escherichia coli German Pharmaceutical Industry
John Nii Adotey Addotey 2019 Human hyaluronidase-1 inhibitors from the roots of Ononis spinosa L. and leaves of Phyllanthus muellerianus Kuntze Excell English University of Kumasy/Ghana
Stefan Esch 2018 Intracellular signaling pathways involved in human keratinocyte differentiation induced by natural products German University of Münster, Germany

Tim Steinbacher (mentored by Prof.  Dr. K. Ebnet)

2018 Identifizierung und Charakterisierung des JAM-A Interaktoms German Analytical Biotech Industry
Diana Ulrich 2018 Natural products as antviral agents: Identification of triterpene saponins inhibiting HSV-1 induced mebrane fusion English

Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany

Shabnam Sarshar Beydokthi 2017 Antiadhesive activity of traditionally used plants against urinary tract infections: An alternative strategy to combat uropathogenic Escherichia coli English Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Verena Spiegler 2016 Anthelmintic activity of procyanidins from West African plants English University of Münster

Andreas Schulte- Mecklenbeck (*mentored by Prof. H. Wiendl)

2016 Impaired NK-cell mediated regulation of T-cell activity in Multiple Sclerosis is reconstituted by therapeutic IL-2 receptor modulation English University Hospital, Münster
Christian Thöle 2016 Antiadhesive acetylated rhamnogalacturonans from fruits of Abelmoschus esculentus (L.). Moench against Helicobacter pylori English Food Industry

Petra Jakobs (*mentored by PD Dr. Kai Grobe)

2016 Scube2 regulated Sonic Hedgehog release and possible roles of proteoglycans in the procress English Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Zalilawati Binti Mat Rashid 2015 Xanthoria parietina polysaccharides: Isolation, characterization and influence on murine macrophages under in vitro conditions English Universität of Zainal ABIDIN, Malaysia
Markus Lautenschläger 2015 Isolation and characterisation of secondary metabolites from Crocus sativus L. and Crataegus spp.: Permeation studies on the Caco-2 and blood-brain barrier models English Clinical research, Germany
Claudia Engelhardt 2015 Myrothamnus flabellifolia Welwitschi. Isolierung, Charakterisierung und Quantifizierung phenolischer Inhaltsstoffe German Hospital pharmacy, Germany
Emilia Kisseih 2014 Phytochemical characterization and in vitro wound healing activities of extracts and compounds from Combretum mucronatum (Schum. & Thonn.) English University of Accra/Ghana
Jana Marina Schmuch 2014 Polyphenols from Rumex acetosa L. with anti-adhesive and anti-biofilm activity against Porphyromonas gingivalis English Community parmacy, Germany
Nasli Rafsanjany 2014 Traditionally used medicinal plants with antiadhesive activity against uropathogenic Escherichia coli English Community pharmacy, Germany

Dominika Zacharski

2014 Lichenan from Cetratia islandica (L.) ACH. and xyloglucan from Tropaeolum majus L. as inductors of cellular differentiation of human keratinocytes English Community pharmacy
Jana Renke (*mentored by Prof. Dr. D. Seidler) 2014 Polysaccharides differentially affect keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation in vitro: Mammalian and plant polysaccharides as potential wound healing agents English Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Katerina Nikolovska (*mentored by Prof. Dr. D. Seidler) 2014 Chondroitin/dermatan 2-O sulfotransferase modulates growth factor singalling pathways to trigger cell migration. English University of Montenegro, Macedonia
Derksen, Andrea 2013 Eupatorium perfoliatum L.,  und Hedera L. /Antiviral effects of plant extract with andiadhesive properties against Influenza A-virus: Inhibition of viral adsorption by polyphenolic compounds from Rumex acetosa L., Eupatorium perfoliatum L., and Hedera helix L.) German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Böker, Ines 2013 Altheae officinalis L:: Phytochemical characterization and investigation of cell- and proteinprotective effects of the root German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Messing, Jutta 2013 Glycoconjugates from plants as antiadhesive compounds against Helicobacter pylori (Ribes nigrum L., Abelmoschus esculentus) English Community Pharmacy, Germany
Sehlbach, Maria 2013 Structural characterisation of the carbohydrate and protein part of arabinogalactan proteins from Jatropha curcas L. seeds English Community Pharmacy, Germany

Nie, Wei (* mentored by Dr. A. Deters)

2013 Effects of a slightly acidic arabinoxylan and xyloglucans on human skin cells English China
Hellenbrand, Nils 2012 Selective chromatographic quantification of oligomeric and polymeric proanthocyanidins from complex plant matrices. German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Wang, Ruxi 2012 Bioassays guided in vitro investigations on skin active plants from Traditional Chinese Medicine English Industry, Germany   University of Münster, Germany
Heimink (geb. Maas), Mareike  2011 Eupatorium perfoliatum L.: Phytochemical characterization and functional in vitro investigations: Antiinflammatory, antiprotozoal and antiviral activities German

Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany

Zumdick, Stefanie 2011 Isolation of oligomeric procyanidins from Crataegus folium cum flore and in vitro absorption studies over Caco-2 monolayers. German

Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany

Agyare, Christian 2010 From ethnopharmacolocy to phytochemistry and in vitro activity: Wound healing compounds from Phyllanthus muellerianus (Kunzue) Exell. English Professor, University of Kumasi, Ghana
Niehues, Michael 2010 Natural compounds with antiadhesive activities Helicobacter pylori. English University of Sao Paulo,Brazil; Pharmaceuticel Industry, Germany
Louis, Andrea 2010 Phytochemical characterisation and functional investigations of Rhododendron ferrugineum L. German Community pharmacy, Germany
Löhr, Gesine 2010 Adhesion of Porphyromonas gingivalis: antiadhesive and cytoprotective effects of proanthocyanidin-containing plant extracts. German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Gescher, Kirsten 2010 Antiviral activity of plant extracts against Herpes simplex virus type 1: Inhibition of viral adsorption by polyphenolic compounds. German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany.
Herrmann, Andreas 2009 Isolation and characterisation of water-soluble proteoglycans from Francincense from Boswellia serrata Roxb. and Boswellia carteri Birdw. German Pharmaceutical Industry,Germany.
Wittschier, Nicole 2009 Isolation and characterisation of polysacchardies from liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) and influence on adhesion of pathogenic bacteria. German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Zippel, Janina 2008 Polysaccharides from Ribes nigrum L., Jathropha curcas L. and Mimosa tenuiflora (Willd.) Poir.: Isolation, characterisation and in vitro investigations on cell physiology of human keratinocytes and fibroblasts. German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Bicker, Jennifer 2008 Isolation and charactersisation of proanthocyanidins from Rumex ecetosa L. and Myrothamnus flabellifolia Welw. and testing on antiadhesive effects against uropathogenic E. coli. German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Lengsfeld, Christian 2004 Isolation, characterisation of bioactive polysaccharides and extracts from immature Okra fruits (Abelmoschus esculentus) and use in physiological test systems with relevance to the gastro intestinal system. German Pharmaceutical Industry, Austria
Deters, Alexandra Marina 2003 Oligo- and Polysaccharides: Isolation, characterisation and influence on cell physiology of human keratinocytes. German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Dauer, Andreas 2002 Investigation of antimutagenic effects of tannins from the bark of Hamamelis virginiana L. in Salmonella typhimurium and human hepatoma cells (Hep G2). German Pharmaceutical Industry, Germany
Schmidtgall, Jörg  2001 Bioadhesive and mucosa-protecting effects of plant-derived and modified poly- and oligosaccharides.  German Automotive Industry, Germany