February 2019
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Welcome to Prof. Erker's Working Group

From left to right: (Front) Dr. Kohei Watanabe, Dr. Jennifer Möricke, Dr. Chaohuang Chen, Dr. Subrata Chakraborty, (Middle) Dr. Jun Li, Dr. Qiu Sun, Dr. Xin Tao, (Back) Dr. Atsushi Ueno, Dr. Gerald Kehr, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Erker, Dr. Karel Škoch.

Prof. Gerhard Erker was awarded the "ERC Advanced Grant 2011" by the European Research Counsil (ERC)

After Prof. Dr. Joachim Cuntz (Mathematcal Institute, 2010), Prof. Dr. Erez Raz (Institute of Cell Biology, 2010) und Prof. Luisa De Cola (Physical Institute, 2009) Prof. Gerhard Erker is the fourth scientist of the University of Münster to receive the "ERC Advanced Grant" by the European Research Counsil (ERC). For more information please also see the german press release.