Work with our researchers

Our engagement activity involves collaborating with others to enhance our teaching and research and to bring reciprocal benefits both to our partners and to the practice of management in the chemical industry and beyond. Examples for engagement activities include contract research, industry and market analyses, and consultancy.

  • Research

    Our researchers have a proven track record for addressing challenges faced by businesses and organisations from the chemical industry and beyond. This is through collaborative research, advising and encouraging best practice, and providing access to leading research and expertise. We have a strong commitment to co-producing research aims, questions, contexts and possible outcomes through dialogue with the potential end users of our research. We have developed strong links with a range of communities of practice and regularly collaborate in applied research projects with industry partners.

    Contact our researchers to discuss collaboration opportunities.

  • Consultancy

    Our researchers engage with a wide range of businesses and organisations through consultancy. Among those drawing on our research and consultancy expertise are, for example, multinational enterprises and industry associations in the chemical industry, small and medium-sized biotech companies, and university spinouts and start-ups.

    Contact our researchers to discuss consultancy opportunities